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When 2 vowels go walking, which one does the talking?

ea, oa, ee, oo, which of the vowel says the sound in words?
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Why can't my child read?

What is the missing piece when my child is struggling to read?


Why is understanding phonics important?

Phonics form the building blocks for reading and writing. With effective phonics instruction, children will learn to decode letters into sounds. Decoding is an essential skill for learning to read... more
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What's the best way to help kids differentiate between [b] and [d]?

It's a classic problem for so many kids out there. I've seen some creative solutions and some downright horrible ideas that actually make everything worse for the child. I have my own approach but... more


What is the difference between phonics and phonemic awareness?

Many people hear that phonics and phonemic awareness are important when it comes to reading fluency for students so what is the difference? Is there a difference? If there is a difference, how do... more


What is the first thing to do when a person cannot read a word?

The answer to this question helps not only pronounce a word correctly, but aids in spelling, helps determine which part-of-speech that specific word is, and assists in figuring the meaning of the... more


How do I know which area of reading my child is struggling with?

My child has good comprehension but is a very slow reader. He also struggles with spelling even basic two syllable words. What should I be doing to help him improve?


Hey and Happy Quarantine!! I have a phonics question for you.

How come the "char" in the words chariness and charcoal are pronounced differently? How come the "e" in the word cachinnate is silent? So, instead of (kak-u-nate) its pronounced (kak-u-neht)?My... more


Vowel sounds versus spelling?

Many words in English have identical vowel pronunciation, but the spelling is different.How can we gain fluency and speed when we say these words?


Consonant Digraphs

What is a consonant digraph? What are some examples of consonant digraphs?
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When is C soft?

Sometimes the letter C is hard and sometimes it is soft. Which is which and how can I know when it is hard or soft?

How can I help a struggling early reader at HOME?

Parents and caregivers, if you are reading this message you have reached desperation when it comes to supporting your Struggling Reader. It will be okay, I promise!I am a special educator, trained... more


How can I engage my young child to learn the alphabet, in a fun, creative way?

This question asks for a recommendation on how to raise a child's interest level when learning letters, sounds of the alphabet.
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What phonetic sounds are some of the last sounds for a child to master?

The phonemes /k/ and /t/ may be some of the last sounds a child might master. Some children may not master their differences until as late as 7 years old.Interestingly when dictation on smart... more
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How important is learning how to write Japanese? Can't I just learn how to read the English pronounciations?

Some reasons why I teach the writing systems of hiragana and katakana in the first days of my Japanese lessons.


What determines the pronunciation of the "u" in words like public or pupil?

I am confused as to how do you know automatically how to say the letter "u" in public, pupil, pub, puberty and others similar. Is there a key to knowing this?


Is it difficult to understand sentence structure?

Can you utilize quick and easy tips that allow you to write in a structured format?


Do Schools Still Teach Phonics?

Phonics Reading Literacy


How Can I Help My Child Learn to Read?

Phonics Reading Writing


What does CVC mean?

There are several acronyms in phonics that refer to letter-sound categories. Understanding these acronyms helps to explain patterns that frequently occur in the study of phonics.
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What does "phonetic alphabet" mean?

Phonetic alphabet is useful in teaching phonics, letter recognition and sounds, and a fun activity for students.


What is an onomatopoeia?

Knowledge of onomatopoeia is for reading, phonics, writing, letter recognition.


What is an example of a morpheme?

Phonics English Grammar


What are some examples of phonology?


What is the Orton-Gillingham method?

I would like to better understand what is the Orton-Gillingham method and how does is differ from any other pedagogies?   Thanks.

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