what is the sum of 17 with the diffence of 1

What two numbers have the sum of 17 and when you subtract those two numbers you get one


Question related to Applied Physics

Question:An elecric dipole of two charged particles of magnitude q but of opposite sign, oriented along z-axis separated by distance d as shown in fig.1. A point P is located on z-axis at distance... more

According to Masterfoods, the company that manufactures M&M’s, 12% of peanut M&M’s are brown, 15% are yellow, 12% are red, 23% are blue, 23% are orange and 15% are green.

If you randomly select four peanut M&M’s, compute that probability that at least one of them is brown.


A 1500 kg mass car travelling at 25 m/s hit a wall. The front of the car is 0,5 m compressed.

Find: Force the wall acted on car Acceleration of the car Acceleration the driver was being stopped, if the seat belts let him move 20 cm forward (tenseness of seat belts during the stop didn't... more

I don't understand this chem homework

If the vapor pressure of water at 2.8 degrees C is 11.574 mm of Hg, and the pressure of a gas collected over water is 781.2 torr, what is the pressure of the gas only (dry)?

Chemistry homework

The atmospheric pressure recorded was 29.08 in Hg. What is this pressure in torr?

Need Chem help!!

If the volume of an ideal gas occupies 490.3mL at 18.94 degrees C, what volume will it occupy at 98.36 degrees C?

Why the last value appear in hexadecimal rather than decimal? c++

struct Node{ Node* next; int num;};int main(){ Node* ptr = new Node; ptr->num = 11; ptr->next = NULL; cout << ptr << " "; cout << &ptr->next << " "; cout... more

Given: △CDE m∠D=90°, DK ⊥ CE CD:DE=3:5, KE=CK+8 Find: CE

Given: △CDE       m∠D=90°, DK ⊥ CE        CD:DE=3:5, KE=CK+8    Find: CE

Strain A had 9000 cells and decreased at a rate of 3000 cells per hour. Strain B started with 4000 cells and decreased at a rate of 2000 cells per hour.

When will the strains have the same number of​ cells? Give the ordered pair please!

Marbles probability question

6 marbles, 3 of which is defective.Upon inspection on defective marble, 80% chance to successfully confirm indeed defective.However, inspection made on good marble has a 5% chance of wrongly... more


Uniform Circular Motion

A space station is made up of a long cylinder with radius 250 meters. In order to simulate gravity on Earth, what is the period of the space station’s rotation?

Find the change in annual cost when Q is increased from 356 to 357, and compare this with the instantaneous rate of change when Q = 356.

The annual inventory cost C for a manufacturer is given below, where Q is the order size when the inventory is replenished. Find the change in annual cost when Q is increased from 356 to 357, and... more

Assume that the human body temperatures are normally distributed with a mean of 98.22F and a standard deviation of 0.62F. A hospital uses 100.6F as the lowest temperature considered to be a fever.

What percentage of normal and healthy persons would be considered to have a fever?part 2:physicians want to select a minimum temperature for requiring further medical tests. What should the... more

Calculus question

 Rewrite with absolute value notation: t = –7 or t = + 7a. | t | = 7b. | t | = -7c. | t | ≤ 7d. | t | ≥ 7

Calculus question

G = { (x, y) | y = (x – 2)2 + x and x is a positive integer less than 6 }. What is the range of G? a. {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} b. {2, 4, 8, 14}  c. {2, 4, 8, 14, 22}  d. {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}


Spring-like force acts on a body

The only force acting on a 3.50-kg body as it moves along a positive x axis has an x component Fx = -6.40x N, with x in meters. The velocity at x = 4.82 m is 7.35 m/s. a) What is the velocity of... more

What is the standard form of a function?

This question is important for understanding the key features of functions.

can someone help me?

Find the area of the shaded region if x = 7 inches, y = 9 inches, w = 14 inches, and z = 18 inches.The area of the shaded region is   square inches
1 2 4 6 7 8342

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