how do i solve ?

What is the height (h) of the figure below if the base is 26.3 units and the area is 220.92 square units?

Inductive effect and delocalization on relative acidity

Why is the pKa of benzoic acid lower than that of phenol? That would mean benzoic acid is a stronger acid and has a more stable conjugate base. But, benzoic acid does not have a signficant amount... more

Write a polynomial function of least degree in standard form that has rational coefficients, a leading coefficient of 1, with roots of 0, 2, and 3 squared

I really need help, polynomial functions by itself are hard but with the addition of the square root I’m lost


how do i solve ?

What is the area of the figure below?


If sec⁡ x=2, and 270°<x<360°, find cos⁡(x/2)?

If sec⁡ x=2, and 270°<x<360°, find cos⁡(x/2 in fractional/radical form?


If sec ⁡x=−√2, and 180°<x<270°, what is cos⁡(x/2).

If sec ⁡x=−√2, and 180°<x<270°, what is cos⁡(x/2) in radical form?


If tan x=60/11 and π<x<3π/2 what is cos(x−π)?

If tan x=60/11 and π<x<3π/2 what is cos(x−π) given in fractional form?


Given cos⁡ x=−11/61, and π<x<3π/2, what is tan⁡(x−π)?

Given cos⁡ x=−11/61, and π<x<3π/2, what is tan⁡(x−π) given in radical form?

Supremum and infimum

X1 = { x | x = 0 or x = (1/n) ; n € N(N - set of natural numbers)Find the supremum and infimum(if they exists ) of set X1


Which statement correctly compares Katie's typing speed to the record typing speed.?

Angie types 600 words in 5 minutes. She compared her typing speed to the record typing speed for her school shown in the table:Minutes 2 10 20Words Typed 420 100 200Choose the answer that... more


Physics question

Find moment of inertia of 1 kg cylinder shaped ring, rotating around its axis of symmetry. Part a: Inner radius of the ring is 0,2 m, outer radius - 0,25 m; Part b: distance of rotation axis is 0,2 m

Need help solving "x*0.096+(1-x)*0.078=0.0888"

i'd like help with solving x please, thanks

Point Estimate of the Standard Deviation

The National Football League (NFL) polls fans to develop a rating for each football game. Each game is rated on a scale from 0 (forgettable) to 100 (memorable). The fan ratings for a random sample... more

HEYA THE PROBLEM IS AT THE DESCRIPTION it is a pre-calculus problem thanks !!!

pls tell me how to get the answer and show me the solution this is the full problem A basketball court is inside a gymnasium whose ceiling is in semi-elliptical shape. The two rings are 90ft away... more

Complement and Independent events.

Show that if A and B are independent events, then the pairs A and B', A' and B, A' and B' are also independent.How do I prove it?

Need help solving "Xa*9.6%+(1-Xa)*7.8%=8.88%"

"Xa*9.6%+(1-Xa)*7.8%=8.88%"i need the answer for finance, i'm having trouble get the answer

Trigonometry question with bearings

The "good ship" is at A, 1km due north of the "enemy ship" at noon. After this, the good ship moves on a bearing of 045 degrees while the enemy remains stationary . When the good ship has... more


How do i solve ?

If the perimeter of the square below is 36 in. The area of this square is ?

I'm having trouble with this consept. I would really appreciate some help here. Thx

Detroit Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya was recorded throwing a pitch at a velocity of 107 miles per hour. If he threw the pitch at an angle of 32° below the horizontal, find the vertical and horizontal... more

How would I solve this using the foil method? Trinomials

Simplify the expression to a polynomial in standard form:(x^2 -2x+2)(3x^2+6x+2)
2 4 5 6 7 8342

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