Ivan is making cookies for a party , he has 5 cups of flour. The recipe calls for 2 2/3 cups of flour.Ivan wants to double the recipe.

does he have 1 1/3 cups more flour than he needsdoes he have 1/3 cups of flour more than he needsdoes he have exactly enoughdoes he need 1/3 cup more flour than he hasdoes he need 1 1/3 cups more... more


question about rates

what is one example of a rate that is decreasing? also one that is increasing?


inverse variation (word problem)

When building a house, the number of days required to build is inversely proportional to with the number of workers. One house was built in 10 days by 44 workers. How many days would it take to... more


how to find the velocities?

Two particles have positions at time t given by s1 = 4t -t 2 and s2 = 5t2 - t3.Find the velocities v1 and v2 at the instant the accelerations of the two particles are equal


need help please! would love to know how to solve this problem

What are the equations of two lines that pass through the point (-1,-3) and are tangent to the graph of y=x^2+ 1

A data set with a mean of 34 and a standard deviation of 2.5 is normally distributed. Use this information for items 1-3.

According to the Empirical Rule, what percent of the data is between 34 and 39? Round to the nearest tenth of a percent. What data value is greater than approximately 80% of the distribution? A:... more


What is twice thw sum of a number and 5 is 30

I am wondering how to go about solving these differential equations. They are in the description. I only need one to be solved to learn how to solve the others, but tips for the others would be nice.

Find the exact solution to the following differential equations. (I only need 1 explained/solved)y'=(3-x)/(xy), x>0, y(1)=2y'=y, y(2)=3dy/dx+xy=x, y(0)=1/2


What is twice thw sum of a number and 5 is 30

Row Sums. Write code for the function printRowSums.

Write code for the function printRowSums. It should print the sum of each row of the matrix (put a single space after each sum).For the matrix shown here: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 You should print "15... more


Twice the sum of a number and 5 is thirty

need help with python project

this is all my professor gave me and I don't know what to do Write a class called Counter. The class has the variables: self.count - Keeps track of the current count. self.initial_count -... more

How to find the volume of a triangular prism?

The base is a 30 - 60- 90 triangle with a hypotenuse of 10 m. The height of the prism is 15 m. Find the volume of the triangular prism to the nearest tenth.

500 racoons were caught. Please provide a good explanation for this problem

1.500 racoons were caught. They were released after beingvaccinated against rabies. To estimate the raccoon population in the area,40 were caught during the summer, and only 15 had tags. Estimate... more


Find the original price of a salt lamp that is $84 after a 25% discount.

Pleases show how to do it!

Find partial fraction decomposition

(7x2+2x-19)/ (x-3)(x+2)2

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