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Source reference

Hi!How do I reference the following page: https://learn.arcgis.com/en/arcgis-book/chapter5/ in a resource list?


Is the following statement considered a simile, hyperbole, personification, or metaphor?

Is the following statement considered a simile, hyperbole, personification, or metaphor? “Dad driving in his sleep, threading traffic in a dream”


Which is correct, “learnt” or “learned”?

Writing English


Sophistication Point

I teach AP Language and Composition, and I'm having a hard time with this new sophistication point. For Rhetorical Analysis, students can earn this sixth point by demonstrating "sophistication of... more


What does it mean to be a STEM academy student?



Writing Tips for students

What one writing tip have you been given that vastly improved your writing?
Writing Essay


college writing essay

Why have you chosen to pursue nursing as a career? What qualities and attributes do you believe you possess that will enable you to perform effectively as a student and later as a practicing... more


English writing

Write a persuasive essay of at least five paragraphs on a contemporary or historical subject. The essay must convey your feelings and opinions on the subject and present information meant to... more

What are the important characteristics of persuasive writing?

What is persuasive writing?Why do we need to learn persuasive writing skills?Where you need persuasive writing?How to compose a speech in persuasive writing style?


What are 2 symbols from Sophie Treadwell's play "Machinal?"

Writing English


Discuss the ‘Covid-19 pandemic”. How can it be addressed in relation to building up the economy in a safe and careful manner?

Few criteria for answering the question: 1) An eye-catching attention-getter paragraph to introduce the topic2) A strong thesis statement that clearly states the main topic and the controlling... more

How do I ensure my college application sets me apart? What do I need to do to be the strongest college applicant possible?

For students looking for help distinguishing themselves in the college application process, including the Common App, personal statements, supplemental essays, etc.


Translate the following below into Tagalog/Filipino Language in correct grammar:

Translate the following below into Tagalog/Filipino Language in correct grammar:Factor 1: Knowledge and beliefs1. Antibiotics are needed for: the common cold2. Antibiotics are needed for: sore... more


Approve a past class

Hi,Could you help me to approve one of the past lesson from Leslie? I couldn't find the approve button or something similar.I'm touching base regarding a lesson payment I requested but it is still... more

How do I write a thesis statement?

My teacher says I need to have a thesis statement in the introduction to my persuasive essay. How should I write that?
Writing Irony


Which statement can be an ironic theme of the story? For the necklace by Guy de maupassant

A. Although friends might be willing to share things, owing something to them can ruin the friendshipB. People concerned by appearance can be undone by appearanceC. If you try to climb the social... more


Film and Media Arts Challenge

Analyze Film and Media Arts' development and discover where Media Arts may go in the future. 


how memory techniques can help you learn English?

Prompt: Think about how memory techniques can help you learn English.Writing a paragraph with three technique you could use. Give an example how would you use for each technique.Pls help.Can you... more


What is the best way to teach (and learn) writing? Is Common Core's approach correct?

Writing skills seem to have deteriorated to the point of mass incoherence, if not illiteracy. Are schools using the correct methods? Do we know even what the "correct" method is, or how writing... more


Can you write an equation with x and y?

What do you get for if y if you plug in 5 for x?
Writing Math Prealgebra


The formula for the permit of the rectangle is, p = 21 + 2w

Where p is the perimeter, I is the length of the rectangle, and w is the width of the rectangle.Rearrange the equation to solve for I (length), then use your equation to find the length of a... more
Writing English


Can you help me write a short narrative using these words?

Hello, I need help writing a short narrative using all eight of these words. It can be any form of the word. The word just needs to be used correctly and all words need to be used. Here are the... more


Aristotle's Poetics

How has Aristotle's term of imitation changed by the following quote? "For Tragedy is animitation, not of men, but of action and life, of happiness and misery. And life consists of action, and its... more
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