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Introduction to the structural analysis of stories by Roland Barthes

What are the fundamental concepts and definitions presented in this text?Provide a summary of what you read.
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How can I make my Critique Essay Draft more concise?

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What were some of the similarities and differences between Golding's novel?

What were some of the similarities and differences between Golding's novel and the movie Lord of the Flies in 1963, and how might we improve the film and make it related to the story's theme if we... more

How do I write an introduction to a research paper or essay?

My teacher says I have to write an introduction to my paper, but I just don't know what to write.
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Literary Essay Writing

I have a task of writing a Literary Analysis Essay ahead of me. The topic question is "discuss the relationship between 2 characters in the novel". I don't see how I can make it "arguementive" when... more
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How do you write an A-level paper?

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How can I write an effective conclusion to a persuasive essay?

I've written the introduction and body paragraphs of my paper, but I am not sure what to write in my conclusion. Is the conclusion supposed to be the same as the introduction?
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What are the keys to formatting in APA correctly every time?

I am looking for an easier way to understand APA formatting of citations. Are there any secrets to it? Can you help me make sense of these rules, which seem to be arbitrary?
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How do I link my introduction to my conclusion in an essay?

I don't understand what the introduction has to do with my conclusion...please give me some ideas.
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how many lives are saved each year by surgeries

i am currently writing an essay relating to technology uses and one of my topic is technology uses in the medical field. i want to know how many lives are saved by surgeries but it wont show
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Okay so I have to write an essay by midnight and I’m completely stuck help

It has to be 4 paragraphs and over why it’s necessary to speak up and I dont know what to write about
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lennie and george are two opposite characters yet they compliment each other. do you agree?

this is from the book of mice and men and i need to write an essay on it. what are some key points that i can write paragraphs about?  
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I have a dream speech im lost help

With this forum, you are to discuss one (1) of the “Historical American Works” listed in the “Supplemental Readings” section of the course lessons. This discussion will help you prepare for your... more
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paraphras this thesis please

Hey, I'm not asking for much I just need help paraphrasing this thesis from the book Fahrenheit 451: Clarisse unquestionable changed Montag because she opened his eyes, her connection to nature and... more
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Bibliography card and note cards

Its a really dumb question but I really dont know. I understand that a bibliography card is a card where you put down your sources and note cards are top put in information. So I can use my first... more
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Academic essay beginning

I want to ask for your advice with my academic essay. I already googled it and I found only https://pro-academic-writers.com/blog/start-essay What do you think about these advices?
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When is it necessary to accept help to overcome something difficult?

This is my essay prompt and I can't think of anything. Please also include a few examples from films, TV shows, etc.
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What to do with annotated bibliography in relation to final paper?

As a prerequisite to our final paper, we were given a 3-5 page annotated bibliography to write as a summary of our topic. The final paper is require to be approximately 7-10 pages. I provided a lot... more
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How does nature provide a source of hope in the face of inevitability of death and decay?

this is an essay, any opinion would help thank youuuuu
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Help me to write a compare and contrast essay

I need to submit a compare and contrast essay at the end of September. This is my first attempt to write an essay. I have no great knowledge about the writing rules and format. I have gone through... more
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Would anyone please be able to give me some tips on this short essay?

Rebellions can be seen as the greatest challenge facing Henry VII’s rule, 1485 – 1509. Explain why you agree or disagree with this view.   Regarding any royal dynasty, a rebellion of one’s... more


How to make academic essays more concise?

So I take History and English Literature A Level, I love them! But the problem is that I really want an A* and I don't know how to get it. I've received a few As so far but I'm a bit behind the... more
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Keep supporting sources for essay or remove them because my teacher said they were not part of the book he wanted me to cite?

do not have the excerpt for the book and my paper was written on the full book and i was told to write it on the excerpt and i do not know if its better to leave the sources or not


How do I write a really good essay?

I've been struggling for about a year in my English Literature and History A-Level classes as I just can't write a persuasive, flowing, coherent and comprehensive essay. The main problem I think is... more
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Persuasive Essay Topic

Can you give me a list of Persuasive Essay topics?

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