Anne D.

asked • 10/18/12

How do you write a newspaper Article?

I have a project to do about make a newspaper article. I have researched information about what I will be writing about. But I just don't know how to start it to capture the reader's attention.

Thank you!

Valerie T.

Think about what would catch your eye in scanning newspaper articles, or even do so and note your response. You can also include a "teaser" in the first paragraph to encourage reading on. For instance,

"The Oakland Raiders defeated the San Diego Chargers 27-24 on a last second field goal that sealed a dramatic comeback victory. Sebastian Janakowski's third field goal of the game gave Oakland a spot in the playoffs. This is the first time in history that the Raiders have achieved that berth."

Also, write it in a very factual style rather than in an editorial style. Newspaper readers are looking for the facts, not the writer's opinion, unless of course the article is an editorial.



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Brandon L. answered • 10/18/12

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I think Brandon is basically right - important facts first, but I would add, as an old HS sportswriter that good journalists always answer the - Who, what, where, when & how and maybe even Why questions, in the course of the article. I  think he's quoting the AP article, which went on even to discusss the time of day, etc. 



Brandon L.

That is good advice, Frederick!  I actually made the article up just to give an example.



Michael E.

This answer offers a lot of good advice as do several others.

Another piece of advice that I learned in college: our journalism professor made us analyze a lead (first sentence with 5w & h) on the front page of the local paper every day. We had to count the words, notice where the first quote appeared, and so on. If you want to really learn the craft, I suggest you do this as much as possible.

We found that after the lead, you usually see a quote, and then the inverted pyramid chain from most important to least important. You will notice it's generally written in Subject-Verb-Object structure without many long twisting sentences.



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