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How do precision agriculture systems support decision making?

Explain it in brief. in 1 paragraph
Writing Language


Can anyone help me write a story using these words?

Sky, water, students, career, time, strength, forest, birds, science, politics, superhero.


With interrupted learning at school, what can I do over the summer to help?

Writing English


AP Language and Composition (Rhetorical Analysis)

One of my Wyzant students asked me an interesting question during one of our sessions, and I have been turning it around in my head ever since.How do I respond to an AP Rhetorical Analysis prompt... more
Writing English Reading


Summary of 8 sentences!

Act 2 Sc 1 (The Tempest) - Moments that represents tension or conflicts.
Writing English Essay


I need to know how to write a certain type of essay.

I have a essay to write that's due in 10 hours from now and she wants it in MLA format and other specifics but that's not the issue. I need to know how to write an essay like this that's not really... more
Writing Essays


Can you help me write a paper for my English or Composition class?

Absolutely. I taught English Composition (100 level) and Developmental classes (000-099 level) in community colleges for 10 years, and I worked in the Writing Center as a tutor/consultant for the... more
Writing Vocabulary


I need to write a story using the words below:



Education is a tool of oppression against illiterate people

Hello, Could you please assist me in gathering any resources that could help me further understand the issue of how intelligent/clever people deceive illiterate people and how they use their... more


can someone help me write a poem

Your task is to write a rhyme about Greek Mythology using the vocab words. Try to write at least 4 lines.archipelagodeityforgepolytheismrevelrysacrificetridentunderworld


Make a prargraph qith these words in no specific order.

1. moratorium 6. behemoth2. innate 7. pariah3. coup   8. gainsay4. nostrum 9. cacophonous5. chicanery 10. wizened


Scope and Delimintation

What does generalizibility mean when when it comes to writing the dissertation?


I am writing my college application essays? Is it a good idea to write about the coronavirus?

College essays and coronavirus
Writing English Grammar Ela


can someone help me

Write a brief story or well- developed paragraph (5-7 sentences) in which you use all the words properly. It must be clear from your writing that you understand each word's meaning.Exorbitant... more


Can anyone help me make a story with these words

Chronic conviction ebbingimpedemanifestintegrate phenomenon imperceptibly

Probability- Math question

Bradley spun the spinner 48 times and recorded his results in the table. What is the experimental probability of spinning red? be sure to simply the fraction. TABLE. Color | ... more
Writing Computer


what is an online textbook? reference with Harvard referencing

TAKE NOTEEnsure the following:1.   Sources you select are relevant to your field of study.2.   References are authentic and without abbreviations.3.   URLs link to the relevant sources.

Probability - Hobby

Jake is trying to get dressed. He has 8 shirts; short sleeve, long sleeve, polkadots, striped, plaid, red, blue, and yellow, 4 pairs of pants; Jeans, khakis, gym, sweatpants, and 2 different... more
Writing English Grammar Ela


can someone help me

Write a brief story (well-developed paragraph of 5-7 sentences) in which you useall of this week’s vocabulary words properly. It must be clear from your paragraph that youunderstand each word’s... more


Can you help me make a belief story. Using these words.

1. castigate – verb reprimand (someone) severely.2. cathartic – cleansing; allowing a release of tension or emotion3. caustic – burning; characterized by a bitter wit4. cauterize – to burn tissue5.... more
Writing Economics Finance


Can someone help me write a short story with these words?

APRBalance TransferCreditCredit CardCredit limitCredit ReportCredit scoreDebtFair Credit Reporting ActInstallment LoanInterestMortgageRevolving CreditSchumer BoxVariable-rate APR
1 4 5 7 9 10 52

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