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What are the differences between homophones, homonyms and homographs?

In writing, it is very important that a student understands the difference between homophones, homonyms and homographs. It is very easy to confuse the 3 with each other which may cause the student... more
Spelling Grammar Writing


What is the correct way to use an apostrophe in a sentence?

In grammar, apostrophes have a very important part to play when writing sentences. It is very important to understand the different rules of using an apostrophe correctly in words when writing a... more
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What is the difference between phonemic awareness and phonics?

When understanding and teaching phonics it is very important to know the difference between phonemic awareness and phonic instruction.


C or a K at beginning of a one syllable word?

Do I start a one syllable word with a C or a K? How do I know which words start with a C and which start with a K?


what does one rife mean?

...this ushered in one of the war’s most dangerous phases, one rife with paranoia and the belief that both sides were gonna destroy the other.


What tips are helpful in teaching a student how to spell?


My Qualifications as a Tutor of 5 Years at a Top Five Public University

Hello! My name is Gianna Colby and I am a student at the University of Florida! Nice to meet you all! I have taken almost every AP and AICE, so I can tutor in a lot of those subjects. I got a... more


help on a assigment

Describe the cutting-edge program that is referred to as agile management. How does it work and what are some of the benefits in a workplace setting?


PDHPE revision for halfyearlys

Revision Questions:  Define Consumerism  Outline the between food allergy and food intolerance  List the steps of DRSABCD Three signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction  What are 7 nutritional... more


Is it ". or ." when you are using dialogue in a story



How can you help early literacy learners master sight words?

What activities can you utilize that engage young literacy learners as well as help them learn to both read and spell basic sight words such as "the?"


can someone help me with a spelling bee.

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Is it correct to say ... ?

We are writing to formally inform you of a huge salary difference between employees in your company. Some of your employees are barely making more than the minimum wage in Los Angeles. Workers... more


How can I get better at spelling?


What resource book can you use to choose a better word in place of a regular more commonly used word?

A dictionary is used to find the definition or meaning of a word, I want to know what I can use to find a bigger word in place of another. So instead of saying," I ran to the store", I want to know... more


If a student is struggling with spelling what can be done?


Which word is misspelled?



I am an adult, and am still terrible with spelling! How can I get better!?

With just a bit of effort, you can conquer this issue forever! I mean it! First, realize that if you develop a solid memory technique, to remember a word spelling, That "trick" will stay with... more

Is Spelling important?

Why is Spelling not emphasized in many Elementary school curriculums?


Need help learning English

I can help with pronunciation, grammar, writing, spelling and much more. I have been working with Chinese students who are leaning English for 7 years. I enjoy working with students and watching... more


Need help with learning English as a second language?

I can help your student ages two to adult. I am currently working with families and students in China teaching basic English up to learning to have the correct pronunciation of letters to writing... more

Why is my child dyslexic?

Do you wonder if your child is dyslexic or has ADHD?


What is the longest word?

Spelling Vocabulary


sentence correction

what is wrong with this sentence? : The cow Jumped over the mun and ran straight for the forest; since he got very skared.

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