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Please help in the concision for two sentences. Advanced College Level Writing Class

Hi, this is for an advanced writing class for business. My paper argues the need to enforce policies on the production of palm oil. My professor has said that my first paragraph (2 sentences) needs... more
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What are the basic maintenance and safety required for a building?

I am a civil engineering student. It is my last year and I need to get some basic knowledge about constructions and maintenance. I was asked a question by the instructor as what are the basic steps... more
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When is it necessary to accept help to overcome something difficult?

This is my essay prompt and I can't think of anything. Please also include a few examples from films, TV shows, etc.
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Ways to fix/improve my thesis?

It's a freshman honors class-  The prompt is: Do you believe it is always possible to decide whether an action is right or wrong?   So I'd appreciate some constructive criticism, (or be brutally... more
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Please make a story using 10 of the words below ASAP

authorize culprit dawdle dissect expend fatality gullible illicit immerse inflammatory memorandum pathetic persevere prevaricate quash relish reminisce scour tribute writhe


In-text Citations for Footnotes

My teacher told us that we were able to use the footnotes with the same source but i am wondering if it is correct to site several consecutive sentences with the same source at the end of each... more


I really need help! Is this a good start to my "What is an American" paper?

A true American is under attack more than it ever has been. A true American not only loved his or hers country, but is loyal, trust worthy and fights for America. 1. An American that loves America... more


how to find the answer to this problem?
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writing and vocabulary

For which of the following assignments would classification be the BEST way to organize the essay? a) Compare the contrast the democratic and Republican party platforms. b) Describe the features... more
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writing and vocabulary

following the trends of modern usage , which of the following sentences is grammatically CORRECT? a) This is her. b) Please take care of whomever is waiting. c) Who are you waiting for ?d) Whom... more

identify compound complex sentences

How are the sentences alike? How are they different?   1) In the skin at the tips of our fingers we see the trail of the wind; it shows us where the wind blew when our ancestors were... more
Writing Tips English Grammar Writing


*Quick* grammar question.

Sentence: "Frederick Douglass proves himself a master of rhetoric"   Does it make sense that I took out "to be" after "himself" in this sentence?   (Original: "Frederick Douglass proves himself... more
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How do you write this sentence correctly?

This quote sentence appears in my essay: The narrator describes, “Chuck imagines having a cell phone, texting Margo while she is at home or at the KwikMart. ‘Out of BBQ today, Shipment in tmrw.... more


i need ideas. intro/thesis... reply fast please

Write a paper in which you analyze how the popular culture influences ideas about beauty among either women, men, or both. Discuss the effects of these messages on the social behavior and... more


what three topics can i use ? and what exactly do they mean

Write a paper in which you analyze how the popular culture influences ideas about beauty among either women, men, or both. Discuss the effects of these messages on the social behavior and... more


Is this sentence written correctly?

This sentence is in my summary of a short story: "Luke luckily picks ducks at a game-booth and wins Chuck's wife Margo a carnival prize before he dies shortly after in a car crash." It sounds odd... more

Negative Questions

How would I answer negative questions in the correct way?For example: Are you not going with us?No = Meaning I'm not going with them?Yes= I am going with them?Is this Correct? P.S - Can you explain... more
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English Negative Questions

English Negative Questions: Question: Do you not like the food? How would I response using yes or no? Would yes mean I like it?And no mean I don't like it? P.s - I'm from America. :)Thank you by... more
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How do I get rid of Writer's Block?

I am a poet and a story writer, but sometimes I just get stuck. What's the best way to get around that? Thanks!


How do you use positive emphasis and you attitude to present your point of view?

If you were at a conference that your boss sent you to and you really did have much information that was good from the meeting except a few, how you you express the positive ememphasis and your... more


What should your college application essay be about?

I will be applying to college and I don't know where to begin with writing my college application essay. Help!

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