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Video Production Writing Writing


What's one of your favorite films and what sets it apart?

What makes your favorite movie(s) different than all the rest. Why is it your favorite? How did it become your favorite?
Video Production


Recoding video from 11/4

I am not able to see the video from session 11/4.
Video Production


video recouding error

I receive a video recouding of my lesson, however, i only see the whiteboard with the instructor in a small window. This view is useless to me. How can this be corrected?
Video Production


video recording

PLEASE help mr. i need my video recording, it still hasnt showed up and it never takes this long.
Video Production Audio Rx8


What's the Best Workflow for using RX8 to restore Audio before Editing with Premiere?

It depends on which version of RX8 you have, but generally I'd recommend applying the following modules in order as needed: 1) De Hum / Spectral De-noise 2) Clip Limiter (if necessary) 3) Voice... more
Video Production English Writing Film


Film and Media Arts Challenge

Analyze Film and Media Arts' development and discover where Media Arts may go in the future. 
Video Production


Video recording

I can't make use of recording right now. The entire screen of my lesson recording is an empty whiteboard. Is there a way I could watch the screen share between myself and teacher in a big size... more
Video Production


Video Capability

How can I troubleshoot my video on my macbook Pro?
Video Production


what is the best option for video editing laptop or pc?

Video Production Final Cut Pro Motion Graphics


Apple Motion Lyric Video - Midi Trigger/Custom Word Animation Question

This seems like a complicated question to me, but that may be because I'm a beginner. I'll start by describing my goal, which may help lead to an answer:I would like to create lyric videos easily... more
Video Production Video Recording Stabilisation


Ultralight image stabilizer?

Recently I took a video in a remote cave. Thanks to my 320 lumen headlamp there was a reasonable amount of continuous light for my DSLR, but the shaking is just too strong. The image stabilization... more
Video Production Sd Card Video Recording


How much recording time at 1080p30 on a 32GB card on a GoPro Hero (1)?

Is there a generic data recording rate for the different capture options on GoPro Heroes? I'm trying to determine what size of SD card I should buy for my GoPro and I'd like to get an... more
Video Production Editing Video Software


Extract person from video?

Is there a way to extract a person from a video without having a blue- (or green-)screen?Any software which can do this?
Video Production Conversion Video Automation


How to batch process hundreds of videos?

I have hundreds of videos in storage I need to distribute online. I'd like to do the following for each clip:1. Add a pre-roll video2. Process the audio (audio leveling, generic hiss/noise... more
Video Production Video Camera Slowmotion


How much is a good framerate for slo-mo recording?

As per the title, how much **fps count** should I be considering on a camera if I am looking to do slo-mo shots **without framerate lag** taking effect on video settings?On a side note, I don't... more
Video Production Video Camera Image Sensors


Avoiding motion blur from a network camera?

I'm a newbie here. I have a problem that I don't really understand. Hopefully, someone can share their experience.If I have an ip camera of **1) 640x480(sensor width = 3.6mm)**, **2) focal length... more
Video Production Editing Video Automation


Software for video cut automation / scripting?

I am very new to a/v editing and need to automate a simple process. Basically what I need is a way for my mom to capture video from her camera and input a series of numbers like 1:02 1:30 ... more
Video Production Video Production Video Recording


Writing to multiple memory cards on a canon 5d mark iii whilst filming?

Hi i have a canon 5d mark ii and it has 2 slots for memory cards one cf and one sd.I'm planning on doing some filming outdoors so was wondering if the CF card is full will it automatically start... more
Video Production Video Video Quality


Are there any downloadable samples of 48 fps video?

I would like to compare 24fps to 48fps video, but haven't been able to find any video samples.Does anyone know of such samples? Being able to compare the same video at several framerates would be... more
Video Production Video Video Recording Framerate


What is the max video fps Nikon D5100?

I want to play around with slo-mo videos but don't have proper gear for it. Is there a way to get my D5100 to shoot at a high fps (maybe by reducing the video res)?
Video Production Video Final Cut Pro


The color in my Final Cut PX Viewer is way off?

So I have a bunch of clips that I shot at 1080/24p/neutral with my T2i that all look pretty good which I'm trying to import into FCPx to assemble into a short film. When I first got FCPx last week,... more


Blackmagic setup: How do I record all cameras in a multicam broadcast?

I've been tasked with acquiring equipment to broadcast a festival through online stream, and have decided that blackmagic may be a good direction to go, so I'm going to strictly reference their... more
Video Production Video Quality Mp4 Webvideos


Are mp4 bit rates the same as Flash bytes per frame?

I'm converting Flash movies to Mp4 (and webm) and having to learn lots about web video. The process starts with MOVs exported from Flash. For example, I have a MOV of 640px x 290px, 1m 58s, 2843... more
Video Production Canon Video Recording 4k


Does it make sense to upgrade my set up to 4K from a (Canon) 70D set up?

I'm not very experienced, but I keep hearing, "it's a good time to upgrade to a 4K setup". This is quite expensive, especially at this stage, but does it make sense from a logistical point of view?... more


fix a few videos with bad white balance?

I have a few video that i made with my olympus though and i made the mistake of not setting my white balance to sunny (or auto)it was set to incandescent while being outdoor scenes.now I got a few... more

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