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what specific resources willyou use to make sure this area is well presented and covered

what specific resources will you use to make sure this area is well presented and covered


First is to consult your syllabus and/or instructions from your teacher. If you give your teacher what s/he wants, that will automatically improve your grade. Next, review your notes to see which areas the teacher places emphasis on. This gives you another clue on what s/he is looking for. In writing papers, my experience is that it's best to include a widely varied range of resources; for example, a paper about a psychological condition might include a definition of it from the DSM-IV, an article from a peer-reviewed journal, a study done on the condition, and a book about the topic, for starters. Is this what you meant by your question?

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I'd like to help you, but I am not exactly sure what it is you are asking. Like Stephanie asked, would you mind rephrasing so that we can do a better job helping you out?

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Can you give more information or rephrase the question?
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I agree with Debra.  It looks like this question is coming from the directions of a research paper and your teacher is asking you to mention specific sources, so that you know you aren't just getting one perspective on the topic.  I would be sure to use at least one primary and one secondary source and then from there you can vary to a newspaper article, book, online article(s), etc.  AND cite sources! Word 2007 can help you with this. :-)


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   I like to you concept maps and brain storm what you are going to write first and then I like to add some details and examples to the concept map. Once the map is done, I start writing the essay and create a rough draft. I then edit the draft for voice, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, as well as anything else that needs to be done. After that I create a second and a third draft, just to remove any problems with the word phrasing or repair anything that needs to be corrected. By the time I get through I usually get an "A" on the paper.

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As for me, I will use samples of essay writing, web charts, smart boards and books, to make sure this area is well presented and covered. 

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While you haven't been specific here, I'm going to take a leap.  There are many resources available for writing and I believe you are being asked to state what specific resources you will be using for your assignment (books, peer reviewed articles, web pages, etc...)  Be sure to ALWAYS cite your resources.  I hope this helps.  :)