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Ending a sentence with "however"?

today I got into a discussion with a colleague of mine about if it's correct to end a sentence with "however". Here's the case:"I've attached the following document. I don't think it'll be useful,... more
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Can an adverb modify a noun?

Is it right to say:> the scientifically literate? The reason I ask is that "The literate" is a noun. And the adverb *scientifically* modifies it. But as far as I know, adverbs cannot modifies... more
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“To enable him to escape” vs. “to enable him escape”?

I have been coming across this kind of sentence more and more:>She gave him a key to enable him *to* escape capture. She gave him a key to enable him escape capture.Which sentence is correct?... more
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Correctness of omitting a definite article or a preposition?

I am writing an essay about my university experiences and a suggested correction from an English Ph.D. sounds wrong to me.The suggestion is>In our meeting to discuss... more
Grammaticality English Punctuation Word Order


“She ran… , her nose pressed against the glass” Are the actions simultaneous or consecutive?

>She ran towards the display, her nose pressed against the glass.My friend and I don't understand the same thing when reading this sentence, and neither of us can explain why. To me, it doesn't... more

Why can't "being" come after the verb "feel"?

The question is completely edited.>*I felt being dragged by a beast.The word *being* cannot be used here, and that's for sure. It sounds wrong. What I am trying to find here is *why* it is... more


Is it possible to use present and past in one sentence?

> In *On The Road* Jack admits to Justin W. Brierly that he loves Neal Cassady because he reminds him of his brother, Gerard, who dies when Jack was five years old. Is this grammatical? The... more
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Why do we use "-s" with verbs?

Why do we use an "s" for some verb conjugations? e.g. *I run/He run**s***. Why can't it be *I run/He run*?
Grammaticality Esl/esol Speech Adverbs


Why do people say "Go down this road" or "Go down this corridor" instead of saying "Go straight"?

I was wondering, when giving directions, is it correct to say "go straight" instead of "go down"? Does down and straight in the context of giving directions mean the same thing?
Grammaticality English Syntactic Analysis


Can an auxiliary verb have an object?

* I want to goHere 'want to' is a phrasal modal. Do we agree? Now consider this:* I want him to goIs it possible that in this sentence the pronoun him is the object of the modal auxiliary 'want... more
Grammaticality Grammar


Would you mind to do something??

Is it correct to say "Would you mind to do something?". I've seen this usage in a few places, but it doesn't sound right to me. I would guess that it's proper to use "Would you mind doing... more
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What are the rules about using 'half of' with plural nouns?

Here are some sentences with 'half of' and plural nouns that I consider to be well-formed: >Half of all films are a waste of celluloid. >Half of users surveyed said they preferred the old... more
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Lists Without "And"?

I just came across this sentence:> Everyone has lost his country, his home, his equilibrium.I've seen such structure used numerous times but I'm not sure how this works. What effect does it have... more
Grammaticality Grammar Punctuation Colon


Punctuation for the phrase "including but not limited to"?

When using the phrase "including but not limited to", how should it be punctuated? When used in the following (no punctuation): > There are many activities including but not limited to running... more
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Just Googling it?

Today in class a student was reading the title of an article for group discussion: "Just googling it is bad for your brain." http://qz.com/519155/just-googling-it-is-bad-for-your-brain/ The... more
Grammaticality Grammar


Can a person happen? Is "Zodanga happened" correct?

I was watching movie *John Carter* where there was some dialogue like this: > — What happened here? — Zodanga happened. Here Zodanga was a bad guy in the movie. I don't understand how **a... more
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Implied subject with "i.e."?

Is it required that an `i.e.` clause have an explicit subject? Preferred? *E.g.*, is the following sentence correct? >She was not amenable, i.e., turned him down. Or would it have to be >She... more
Grammaticality Grammar Clauses Meaning


Is there bad grammar in Cinemark's "No Texting" warning?

The sentence in question is "Do not be the person we ask to leave the auditorium, because we **will**." It sounds very wrong to me, but I can't put my finger on the exact problem. Nobody on the... more
Grammaticality Grammar Punctuation Colon


Punctuation for the phrase "including but not limited to"?

When using the phrase "including but not limited to", how should it be punctuated?When used in the following (no punctuation):> There are many activities including but not limited to running... more
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Is it grammatical to introduce a result clause using “then”?

Is it grammatical to introduce a result clause by using *then* as in these examples: * Don’t be lazy – *then* you will fail. * Don’t kill him – *then* you will regret it. If so, then is the *then*... more
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I like it that vs. "I like that"?

I want to express the following: You are blaming me for your lack of concern and I like that (in a sarcastic way). Which one of the following sentences would be correct? > * I like it that your... more
Grammaticality Writing Sentence Fragments


Is it incorrect to use a sentence fragment to answer a question?

In an English essay, I wrote: > What am I looking at? People enjoying themselves? I lost points for using a sentence fragment. Is it truly incorrect to use a sentence fragment this way?
Grammaticality Writing Esl/esol Speech


On the usage of the expression “What differentiate(s)”?

**Question one:** Which of the following sentences are grammatically correct? 1) What differentiate apples from oranges are their colors and sizes. 2) What differentiates apples from oranges is... more
Grammaticality Grammar Commas Clauses


Is a comma needed to offset a title?

If I were to try and describe a book called "Book", is this sentence grammatically correct? >The book _Book_ by Joe Bob is set in... I was told that this sentence is incorrect, that commas must... more
Grammaticality Grammar Conjunctions When


Subordinating conjunctions "who" & "when" as subject clause?

I understand *who* and *when* can be used to introduce adjective clause for sure like the following sentences. >The time when is good for us to meet has not been decided. >The person who is... more

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