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Do you know the difference between tutoring and enrichment services?

When you ask for a tutor, what exactly are you looking for? Are you looking for someone to review, practice, and drill skills taught in school either in person or remotely? Are you looking for... more


writing college introduction for narrative speech

Introduction (All three sections in the introduction must be typed in complete sentences.)My first job was working at Taco Bell. When I started working I was a little nervous until I received a... more
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Identify the function of the bold word(s) in the sentences.

A. The student *with the highest grade* will win a free lunch.The student with the highest grade *will win* a free lunch.B. Jerry *gave* Maria a set of diamond earrings.Jerry gave Maria a *set* of... more

If you were a police officer, how would you solve a "tire dumping" problem in your community?

You are a police officer assigned to cover a particular area or beat. For this question, your area is the area in which you currently live. Through your contacts with the citizens and your call... more


How to write an article in Spanish well?

An article in Spanish must be understandable by the audience of any country. It is a single language with many characteristics but well written no matter what country your audience reads it.
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Arcade Man Story Starter?

Help please! I need a story starter for a man whose been trapped inside an arcade machine by his will. He keeps living on inside the machine and he’s been trapped inside an arcade for years now... more


How will you reach your academic goals?

It's important to set goals in reading, literature, writing, history, and ESL. This will help you plan for improvement.


Is "broken windows" theory a valid explanation for crime rates? What are your personal thoughts?

The broken windows theory is a criminological theory that states that visible signs of crime, anti-social behavior, and civil disorder create an urban environment that encourages further crime and... more


Why do we need to write in complete sentences?

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What's the difference between a clause and a phrase?

Sometimes sentences can be a bit complex with a lot of parts. Certain words will activate certain parts of that sentence, so it's all about identifying those words as you read and write!


How to develop the interest,the Patience, and the skills in writing for the 8th grade Boy

I am kindly looking for a long term expert to systematically help my 8th grade son to be more interested in writing and improve his overall writing skills.Currently he seems not like writing and... more
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Job applications

Hi,There are currently two writing jobs that I am interested in apply for. Abhilash and Melissa are the students. How do I show interest in these opportunities?Thanks,Michelle


Can your third grader write a well-organized five paragraph essay?

Can your third grader write a cohesive one paragraph essay? Does your fourth grader know what information must appear in the introductory paragraph of every essay? Does your sixth grader stretch... more
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Do you read substantive books?

Do you read classical novels that can be analyzed, that require you to think? In second grade are you reading The Chocolate Touch and then comparing and contrasting it to King Midas and the Golden... more


Writing assigment help!

Hi everyone!I always have a hard time with my writing assignments so, naturally, I need help with the recent one. I need to write an analytical essay about any book I recently read, something like... more


Writing Process

Is there a tutor than can help me with the Writing Process?


What is an Abstract?

Writing English Grammar


What is a participle?

What is a participle? How is it used in a sentence? How can I differentiate a participle from a regular verb?
Writing English Grammar


What are verbals?

What are verbals? How many kinds of verbals are there and what are they called? Can you provide examples of different types of verbals and explain how they are used?
Writing English Grammar


Explain Complements in Grammar

Explain the difference between sentence complements and subject complements. How many kinds of complements are there? What are the types of complements and how can I recognize them?


What's the best way to help kids differentiate between [b] and [d]?

It's a classic problem for so many kids out there. I've seen some creative solutions and some downright horrible ideas that actually make everything worse for the child. I have my own approach but... more
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