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Literature Review

I am writing a research proposal for my capstone. In this proposal I am supposed to provide a literature review which I understand. However, I was wondering if in the research proposal I could cite... more


Do you need to boost grades and build confidence to speak Spanish?

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What's the difference between proofreading and editing?

Does anyone know how to create painless paper lengthening, or how to create an essay out of one paragraph ?

One of the most difficult tasks that faced my composition students was not only how to begin a paper but how to make it longer than 2 sentences!So. I came up with a plan. After torturing them into... more


What is a topic sentence?

In academic writing, the concept of a topic sentence is very important.


How do I write an essay/research paper?

What do I do first? How should my introduction be organized? How do I organize my paper? What is the difference between a topic sentence and a thesis statement? What should go in my conclusion? Do... more


How to do a in-text reference if you use 2 sources in one sentence.

Question5 :Based on the quotations provided, summarize the text with an appropriate in-text reference.1. "An academic summary tells the main points of a source text in brief form. As a condensed... more

What are your tips for crafting a great Personal Statement essay?

The Personal Statement is an essay that people who are applying to college, graduate school, and many scholarships and prestigious awards will certainly encounter. It is a way to show the program... more
Writing English


How to paraphrase & add in-text reference correctly?

Here is the practical question at english class of my high school and I am looking for the model answer of it to understand.below, Write a sentence paraphrasing the following text and add a correct... more


How could I write in-text reference correctly?

Here is my Academic Writing Class question about in-text... more


identify the main problem in the situation and analyse the reason causing these problems to arise. Recommend practical solutions

identify the main problem in the situation. Analyse the reason causing these problems to arise. Recommend practical solutions. All your analysis and recommendation must be related to the Management... more
Writing English History Sat


Is the following sentence a phrase, an independent clause, or a dependent clause?

Is the following sentence a phrase, an independent clause, or a dependent clause? “One of the largest outlet malls in the country.”
Writing College Essay


Who is the best editor for my college essay?

Who should I contact to edit my college essay?
Writing College Essay


What can I do to create good viable subject/theme for my college essay?

How do I create a good subject or theme for my paper?

How long does it take to write a paper?

How much time does it take to write an essay paper?
Writing English


Word suggestions

Hi,I need help coming up with another ing word that describes love and friendship so far. I have used caring and considering, but I need on more.


I need tips on writing a memoir

Hi, I need some tips on writing a memoir.
Writing Reading Health Blood


Is donating blood to a lover weird?

I am trying to think of a crazy twist for my ongoing comic. I’m sold on one idea in particular. The female lead is suffering from a rare condition where her blood decays. The male lead also has... more
Writing Proofreading


Why should one read aloud when proofreading?


what's the best way to format an essay?

How can I organize my thoughts for a high school essay?


Importance of Content Marketing For Entrepreneurs?

One of the reasons many entrepreneurs start their own businesses is because they grow tired of how business is conducted around the world. Hence why content marketing caters to them because it does... more


Document Upload

I am unable to upload my documents on the A board.
Writing Film


How do I begin to write a novel or screenplay?


What is Anthropomorphism?


Changing the perspective of a quotation

Is it possible to change the perspective of a quotation? I want to refer to the speaker as "he"original: "In consequence I’m inclined to reserve all judgments."my version: "In consequence [he's]... more
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