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Writing Style Literature


Is there a term for fiction authors whose writing style is technically the most important feature of their books?

I'm re-reading "Lolita" by **Vladimir Nabokov** right now, and I must say, the author is very consistent in never allowing himself merely to narrate: each paragraph, if not each sentence, is loaded... more
Writing Style Esl/esol Speech Prepositions


Relative pronouns after prepositions: is it okay to use them in speech?

Consider the following usages of relative pronouns: 1. The lecturer introduces a study *in which* participants were asked to choose one attractive picture. 1. At the university I met famous... more
Writing Style Esl/esol Speech


Simplicity or Complexity, which is more important in speech and writing?

English or any other language could be written or spoken in both the forms, either the user could use simple words or he could use some technical words, my question regarding English is which has... more
Writing Style Esl/esol Speech Sounds


Why did people sound differently when addressing the public in the early 1900s?

I notice that people used to speak not necessarily more clearly, or distinctly, but their voice had a certain 'choppiness' to it that you don't hear anymore... Unless the person doing the speaking... more
Writing Style Grammar Esl/esol Speech


Streaks of sunlight make way through the holes in the roof. Is this correct grammar?

Streaks of sunlight make way through the holes in the roof.


Comma after To at the beginning of a sentence?

I am just writing my master thesis and I am unsure whether to place a comma in sentences starting with "To". Here are some examples: - To be able to improve the performance[,] it is important to... more
Writing Style Writing Punctuation Commas


Is the phrase, "Use commas sparingly" a valid piece of advice?

I am currently in the process of collaboratively editing a research paper, and participated in a meeting about it today. During the discussion, the head of the group made a blanket statement about... more
Writing Style Writing Expressions


let you know a couple of facts OR bring couple of facts to your notice?

Which of the following is more appropriate / polite? I would like to bring a couple of facts (or things?) to your notice. OR I would like to let you know a couple of facts. Please advise.
Writing Style Grammar Writing


User tutorial: to be written in first or second person?

I'm writing a user tutorial but I'm unsure as to what perspective it should be written from e.g., first, second? The tutorial is a friendly guide showing how the user should do x. ... more
Writing Style Writing


Passive Voice Alterations?

I am currently working on a scholarly piece that has a history element. I am attempting to change as many sentences with a passive voice to active voice as I can. I have included a few examples of... more


Is it correct to combine multiple clauses into one sentence?

Is it correct to combine multiple clauses (sub sentences) into one? For example, let us consider this sentence: > *On managerial side, I am experienced in accounting software, have been... more
Writing Style Writing


When should you use "Title Case"?

Are there any guidelines for when you should capitalize titles/headings or not? Should you always do this in English? I am referring to **A Capitalized Heading** vs **A capitalized heading**
Writing Style Writing Speech Passive Voice


When to use passive and active voice?

When is it better to use **passive** voice in writing and speech? When is it better to use **active** voice in writing and speech?
Writing Style Writing


Style Guide: Bold, Italic, or Quotes When I Want to Emphasize Something?

Let’s say I have many lists of this kind on a page: 1. Click on the Foo button. 2. Tick the Bar box. 3. Click on the Save button. How should I emphasize *Foo*, *Bar*, and *Save*? 1. Bold? ... more
Writing Style English Writing Terminology


Term for Indirect Dialogue?

There are two different types of dialogue I'm aware of, that for the moment I'll refer to as 'direct' dialogue and 'indirect' dialogue. However, I know these terms aren't the correct ones, and... more
Writing Style English Phrases


Term to describe generalizations such as "it is well known"?

Writing Style English


When should a colon be used in the title of a manuscript?

Writing Style English Commas Imperative


Do you separate an imperative after a conjunction by a comma?

I want you to go and ask him the price, but don't tell him I sent you. Is this a main clause followed by a coordinating clause (imperative)? "Pour the vodka into the glass, and add orange juice."... more
Writing Style English Questions Punctuation


How should a question ending in a statement be punctuated, as ending it in a question mark seems a little off?

In the example in the headline to this question, the statement qualifying the question makes the punctuation seem ill-fitting...Here's another example: "Will you be able to make a decision on this,... more
Writing Style English Gerunds Differences


Watched them get married vs "watched them getting married"?

I read the following: " The next day as I watched them get married" How does it differ from the following? Is one more eloquent and accurate than other? "The next day as I watched them *getting*... more
Writing Style English Verbs Word Choice


Is it always bad to use "get" or "got"?

ack in grammar, one of the many rules we were given was to always avoid get," "got," or "gotten" due to their ambiguity and tendency toward poor grammar as in: "What happened to your arm? It got... more
Writing Style English Title Italics


How do I style book titles in a block of italicized text?

Book titles, among others, are commonly written in italics. "She had read this quote in Pride and Prejudice." But what should I do if a title appears in a block of text that is already italicized,... more


Should "State" be capitalized on its own?

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