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How to edit story structure?

I’ve written a plot for a long story. But it’s not easy for anybody to review because my characters’ dialogue and goals are all over the place, it’s often usually mixed up and I struggle to... more

Editing an Anthology or Compilation?

I'm interested in putting together an anthology --a work containing some original material, but also lengthy excerpts and/or full text of previously published material by other authors, from a... more
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Finding a reliable professional editing services for research paper?

I am looking for a reliable professional editing service where I can get my papers reviewed. Searching google returns gazillion options but its very hard to determine which one is truly... more


How does one avoid incomplete changes to documentation?

Having encountered errors in technical documentation that almost certainly came from incomplete editing after copying from earlier documentation, I am curious about what techniques can be used to... more
Editing Proofreading


How significant a role have editors played on books published in the past?

I am an editor having difficulties dealing with the representative of an author's literary estate about an unpublished manuscript by a deceased author. We have a polite (and friendly) disagreement... more


Effective working at audio/video editing sessions (avoid fatigue making steady progress)?

**Background**I've just completed an editing project to produce video highlights of an awards evening for my local community radio station. It was a voluntary non-paid project and I'm very pleased... more


How should a narrative parenthetical remark be placed in reference to a dialog quotation?

I’m wondering how to place a narrative parenthetical remark in dialog. I’m proofreading a book with a quote that doesn’t look right to me:He whispered, “I think she will have a child in Raspberry... more


manuscript new versions and First Publishing Rights?

If you self-publish a version of a book, and then edit it, can you still traditionally publish it offering First Publishing Rights? Essentially I am asking if a partly re-writen draft is it... more


How to properly format a post update on a company blog?

**I wrote a blog post about a certain feature(in testing)** of our online product. **We finished the testing and changed a couple of things** and added some improvements to this feature. So, **I... more


How do I edit video footage from an interview?

I was asked to produce a set of video interviews for a friend's wedding consisting of individual single-subject interviews (the interviewer is not on camera or mic) with the bride, groom, close... more

Is writing in fragments bad practice?

Occasionally, it *feels* easier to write individual scenes of a prose and later connect them somehow.Does this method have any significant benefit and/or throwback over the regular "perpetual" way?

How does the placement of transition sentences affects the meaning/tone of a piece?

Example:> Finally, I began questioning the kid. What was her name? Where were> her parents? And most important, what was she doing outside in this> horrible weather? She replied to none of... more


Correcting a handwritten manuscript?

I used to write on a word processing software, so all the work of rewriting, correcting, editing was easy. Now I'm more and more inclined to handwrite my manuscripts, but all this work of cross out... more


How to show that a character is quoting from a book?

I am editing a text in which the characters use quotations from the Bible quite often.Example: Jeremiah turned toward him, "Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to... more


Redouble, double, or double again?

I have seen double and double again a lot. Redouble, not so much.I found out that redouble can mean to double again, to double, or in general to intensify whether that is double, triple, quintuple,... more


How can I revise these sentences to be more correct while still keeping the effect?

I have written these two sentences: > Despite her temper, I loved her still.>> Or perhaps not despite; perhaps because of.The second sentence feels grammatically incorrect; how can I... more
Editing English Writing


Is this sentence punctuated correctly?

Is this quote punctuated correctly: "Get off me!" she shrieked playfully, trying faintly to wriggle out of his grip.I am confused if the S in SHE needs to be capitalized or not. Also, is... more


Ethical background of editing images?

I am a software engineering undergraduate and I implemented a system to match edited photographs with their original photographs to protect intellectual properties of photographers as my final year... more

What is the first occurence of a sequence of short shots of the same length separated by fade ins/outs?

This technique is used in several movie trailers to give a feeling of stress, anxiety or urgency. It is also used in several movies (mostly thrillers, action or horror movies), sometimes even... more


What the heck is a thesis, anyway?

Here's the problem with the dictionary definition: it doesn't tell you how to write one. So, the real question isn't "What?" it's "How?"A thesis is an opinion that is arguable. In this case, it's... more
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Self Editing tips/tricks?

I write a daily piece and have been doing so for over 8 years. I think my writing has gotten better, but I still find mistakes at times, or more likely, my readers find mistakes.Does anyone have... more
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Different kinds of editors?

I've noticed references to different kinds of editors such as copy editor, line editor and development editor. I'd like to know the different categories of editors and their job descriptions.


Photo editing with touch screen?

Can a Wacom Intuos Pro be used with Adobe Photoshop?
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What's the proper etiquette/format for updating a blog post?

I've been doing websites for 16 years, but am new to writing a blog. Websites pages change all the time, but it seems to me that blog posts are relatively static once they've been posted.If I want... more


How can I prepare for a career in instruction writing and editing?

To technical background authors (e.g. Isaac Rabinovitch) who would possibly work in teams with non-technically trained writers:How can I prepare myself to be able to do what you do? How can I... more

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