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Handwriting Fine Motor Skill


My child's teacher says his/her handwriting in terrible. Is this really a problem in elementary school?

How do fine motor skills and handwriting impact student learning?


How does Poe use the literary devices of alliteration and rhyme throughout the poem? Name three ways in which each of these devices strengthen the narrative itself.

This question is only for the poem from “ The Raven ” by Edger Allan Poe.


What do you think the Raven means each time he repeats “nevermore?

This queyis from an poem from “ The Raven ” by Edger Allan Poe well those are all of my questions in the “ my ask ” page.


Territory covered

Do you have tutors in LaGrange?
Handwriting Computer Homework Learning


What’s your favorite subject to learn?

What’s your favorite subject? Why is this your favorite subject to learn?
Handwriting Writing Spelling


Why should someone learn to write cursive?

Many writing tasks must be done by hand, especially in elementary school. Not all writing is done on a technological device.The invention of cursive intended for writing to be made easier to do,... more


What kind of assessment do educators do before before beginning private tutoring of a student?

Various ages, abilities and disabilities and subject matter call for flexibility in tutoring, what are some tools a tutor might use to make an effective assessment and know they are going to work... more


How to make your handwriting very neat?

Hint : Easy to read ,spacing , Font ,Size ,Alignment, Paragraph ,Grammar
Handwriting Proofreading Editing


Correcting a handwritten manuscript?

I used to write on a word processing software, so all the work of rewriting, correcting, editing was easy. Now I'm more and more inclined to handwrite my manuscripts, but all this work of cross out... more


When writing on paper, how do you move things about?

I am amazed thinking how people used to write before the computer ever came about. Before that, everyone was forced to write on paper. I'd very much like to write on paper but my ideas come in a... more
Handwriting English Grammar Writing


Write a paragraph using 10 or more of the following words

Handwriting Writing


Is my grammer, Capital letters, and punctuation correct, does this make any sentences? What should i change?

I have a dog and her name is Starbucks. We brought her at a pet shelter 8 years ago. She was worth 1,000 dollars because she is a basset hound. We played a game where they cut up pieces of paper... more

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