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Wordcount Writing Novel


How can I make a story bigger?

I have written a first draft of what I want to be a novel -- aiming for 50-70K words. When the ending arrived I was at about 30K. So I essentially have to double the length. My list of notes... more


One-page tales: what do I have to spit out and what is indispensable?

I've undertaken to write a book with 50 tales, one per page. It is hard going, because the stories keep coming out too long. How can I "filter" the job, or extract short ideas and work?


First draft Word count.?

Do you find your first draft is longer or shorter than your completed work? I understand that I will be cutting alot of unnessary words, but I also have a list of things I need to add. I haven't... more


Strategies for shortening texts?

When reviewing a text to shorten it beneath a fixed, externally imposed word limit, which strategies are available for shortening the text? What kind of shortening can be expected?The most obvious... more
Wordcount Proofreading Editing


Techniques for lengthening or merging chapters?

When I'm working on a novel, I have a tendency to write short chapters (1k-3k words). This is not a problem, per se, but I sometimes feel the need to have one or two longer chapters to slow down... more

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