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Photography Camera


selecting a new camera!

hello! I am looking for a new camera. I am not too knowledgable on photography at all.. but Im looking for an affordable camera that has a vintage look (like how disposable photos look) but you... more
Photography Exposure


What is a Proper Exposure in Photography?

Proper exposure is what photographers call the balance between the aperture, shutter speed and ISO. You can make it brighter (overexpose) or darker (underexpose) as well. It depends on the... more
Photography Model Fashion Modelling


Modelling Teacher or Tutor Needed

Hello, I am looking for someone who can teach me good modelling styles and poses on video call. i need for long time deal.


Describe why a backdrop and props important to an image and describe at least two types of backdrop material

Help please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best mirrorless camera in a good price range?

Hi, I’m interested in photography and I am fairly new to it. I want to upgrade my camera but can’t find one with everything I’m looking for. I’d like:* a mirrorless camera with a viewfinder*... more


Help please!!!!!!!!

________relied on the outdoor use of sunlight/daylight to expose light sensitive paper Photograms were able to be created in a darkroom, first with an oil lamp ind then an electric bulb.


Help me please!!!!!

Kodachrome captured many iconic moments in history; check all that apply. Assasination of President KennedySir Edmund Hilary climbing Mt. EverestSurrender of the ConfederacyHindenburg... more
Photography Sony A6000


Why do the photos on my Sony a6000 come out super dark on my phone but they’re perfect in the LCD?

The brightness is at the normal setting, all my photos look perfect on the camera, but when I sync it to my phone or computer, the photos become super contrasted and sharp and dark. I’m shooting in... more


Photography Exhibition Sale of work

At a photography exhibition are you selling just a copy of the print only or the fully framed photograph as displayed?
Photography World History Military War


Which was the first war in which photography was employed?

Undoubtedly photography has greatly changed public perception of war; but there is no _clear point_ in which photography began to be used—whether for documenting war or anything else. So I’m left... more


I want to test if if uv rays are passing through?

I have a film I want to test for harmful uv rays but I don't want to spend thousands of rupees is there a cheap alternative for it. It is meant to be applied on car window so I want to test it... more

Windows application to emboss date on photos?

Looking for Windows application that will quickly and easily emboss a date onto JPG images (photographs), preferably obtained from the EXIF data. Being able to perform the function on a group... more
Photography Dslr Nikon Camera


What's the problem with my DSLR camera viewfinder? (please read the description))

I have a Nikon D3200. I just noticed that its viewfinder is blurry to my eyes and adjusting the diopter didn't help at all. Now here is the weird thing; I took some pictures of the viewfinder with... more


A polarizing filter can be used as what kind of filter?



On most SLR cameras, when does the aperture close down to the set value?



On most lenses how far away does infinity start?



What are the three main types of photographic filters?



Photography Questions

There is a wide range of mostly paler color commentating filters that come in what colors in various strengths?


How can I calculate the sun rising time for a specific point on earth?

I'm looking for a tool, application, etc. that allows me to calculate the sun rising time for any specific point on the earth. I've found a lot of such tools, but all of them do not take mountains,... more
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