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How can I condense a description of a web designer/developer's work into a one-liner?

How can I condense this sentence into a one-liner?Being alone on the project, this web designer/developer held the responsibility of - communicating with the client and the end-users, - defining... more


What is the correct way to write a fractional number in a formal letter?

If I'm talking about a length of time in a cover letter, let's say 5.5 years, what would be the correct way to write this? - five-and-a-half years - 5-1/2 years - 5.5 years


Questions on two sentences on a cover letter?

I am writing a cover letter - an excrutiating process. There are two sentences I am quite unsure about. The first one: > I hold a math Ph.D. from xxx that was carried out at a research group... more
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How to communicate two elements of different general syntactic/semantic type in the same sentence?

I have the following sentence, > NAME is a community that helps each other code better by rating each> other's efforts and helps managers pair with other fellow developersI was suggested by... more
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Write a resume objective that expresses my desire to hone and sharpen my skills?

I wish to convey to prospective employers that I not only want to use my skills, but hone and sharpen them as well. 1. Does the below paragraph do justice to it? 2. Do you have any suggestions?... more


Metrics for assessing the persuasiveness of a paper?

Are there any known variables to measure, or questions to ask in survey, in order to asses the persuasiveness of a paper? For example, I'm not sure if omitting a section from my paper might... more
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When editing for a person, how much can be changed?

The context is a technical document that is written by one person and then sent out for review by others. The reviewers change word tense, change from active to passive voice, and make other style... more

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