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How do you avoid the problem of all the characters in your story sounding the same?

There's a common flaw that I can easily detect in amateur writing, (and of course my own) which essentially boils down to all the characters "sounding the same", dialogue-wise anyway. Trying to... more


Writing 19th century upperclass English dialog?

I was recently rereading bits of Pride and Prejudice and the dialog is absolutely brilliant. How can I learn to write dialog that sounds like it is from this general era? For example are there any... more
Dialogue Writing


Can I use parenthesis in a conversation?

I wrote a dialogue as follows:> Then he said to her: "I told you I won't do that! (And I think you shouldn't either)".Somebody then asked me: How is a speech in a parenthesis?I'd like to know if... more

Are modern authors still using colons and semicolons in dialogue?

Not sure if it's just my idea but I rarely see colons and semicolons in dialogue (especially in modern novels). Is it because they don't simulate normal speech? Because their use is more a... more


How should dialog be formatted?

Is there any "official" rule that I should keep in mind when formatting character dialog?Line breaks, placement of quotes, mixing dialog with action descriptions etc.For example, I want to build a... more


How would we write a misogynistic character without offending people?

In a short story I am writing, I have this misogynistic character who keeps saying misogynistic stuff, and I thought it would be a bad idea to give him dialogue lines. I was thinking that, because... more

How do you write 2 or more characters saying almost the same thing in unison?

When 2 or more characters speak in unison you can generally do something like this> "awwwww, she's so cute!" the girls said in unison in near perfect harmonybut what about when the line is only... more
Dialogue Writing Fiction


alternatives to "he said" in dialog?

I'm working on my first fiction story. And one mechanical thing I struggle with is how to identify the speakers in dialog without constantly saying "Bob said", "Mary said", etc. Any ideas?That is,... more
Dialogue Writing Plot Fiction


Can I make a character make a philosophic observation or say their opinion, even if it's unnecessary for the plot/story?

I have a character in my story who has the habit of making philosophic observations about life and the functioning of things, or his opinion/vision about something. Although most of his... more


How is the dialogue for wide shots recorded?

In scenes where the boom mic would have to be placed much too far from the actor in order to film the scene, how is the dialogue recorded? Is there some hidden microphone on the actor's clothing or... more


Where does the automated/automatic come from in ADR?

I know there are recent advancements in software that allow for automatic/automated dialogue replacement but in films that predate this technology they still use the same terminology and as far as... more
Dialogue Writing Style


Must every piece of speech get its own paragraph?

I've had a few people read pieces of narrative writing I've done, and they seem to take issue with the fact that I sometimes put a piece of speech inline with the rest of a non-dialogue paragraph,... more


Protagonist constantly has to have long words explained to her. Will this get tedious?

A while back, I redrafted my NaNoWriMo 2017 story, but it still needs another draft. This question is about one of the concerns I have.The story takes place in a medieval fantasy setting, and the... more


Determine original language of the movie?

Sometimes I want to watch some movie in its original language i.e. without translation.For some movies, it's pretty easy. For example, - Antonioni's _[Blowup](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blowup)_... more


Striking the balance between dialogue and narrative?

I am participating in [National Novel Writing Month](http://www.nanowrimo.org) this year. I have never in my life written so much of a single story. Although I am supposed to tell my inner editor... more


How to avoid turning dialogue into Q&A session?

I noticed a problem I have in my fictional writing. My dialogues quickly turn into interrogations. Here is an exaggerated example.> "How did you do it?" he asked. > "..." > "Will it kill... more

What is the correct way to switch dialogue between two or more characters during a conversation without it being confusing for the reader?

When I use dialogue within the stories I write I have a bad habit of writing dialogue after dialogue without indication as to who is talking. An example is when I do this in a story> “Arden!... more


Where to break paragraphs in dialogue?

I'm going through an editing something I wrote and am stuck on where to break paragraphs containing dialogue. I know I need to break when a new character speaks, but I'm not sure where to start a... more


How should a narrative parenthetical remark be placed in reference to a dialog quotation?

I’m wondering how to place a narrative parenthetical remark in dialog. I’m proofreading a book with a quote that doesn’t look right to me:He whispered, “I think she will have a child in Raspberry... more


Term for Indirect Dialogue?

There are two different types of dialogue I'm aware of, that for the moment I'll refer to as 'direct' dialogue and 'indirect' dialogue. However, I know these terms aren't the correct ones, and... more


How to avoid repetitive sentences? (Describing actions, he/she)?

I was just wondering if anybody had some tips on how to avoid repetitively describing characters' actions in the same way? Here is an example which I'm struggling to reform, mostly because I keep... more

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