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In the story "Borders" by Thomas King:

What is implied by the one border guard's claim that "you have to be American or Canadian"? Explain how the following two quotes are related: "You would expect Sweetgrass, which is a nice name and... more
Short Story English Writing Etymology


Can you write a short story using these etymology words?

Aegis, Rectify, Enervate, Altruism, Boor, Impotent, Antithesis, Maelstrom, Emendation, Chagrin,GLower, Edify, Ambiguous, Cataclysm, Optimum, Besmirch, Imperative, Sacrosanct, Sadistic, Demeanor,... more
Short Story English


can you make a short story with these words please

validate, plausible, potent, pragmatic, precise, premature, prescience, prestigious, proficient, prohibit
Short Story English


Can you help me write a short story?

Please use these words:1. Equivocate2. Esoteric3. Euphemism4. Fait accompli5. Fastidious6. COVID7. Gym8. Balloons


How do I better handle my nameless main character when trying to retain mystery?

I have written a short story, and the main character is referred to as "he" right the way through - the idea being that this character is very guarded and mysterious.My plan was to not reveal the... more
Short Story Writing Novel Fantasy


How can I turn my short story into a novel?

I just wrote last week about Sleeping Beauty but a different version of it. (I changed the characters, and the conflict, and mostly everything except the fact that one of the main characters is... more
Short Story Writing Fiction Dialogue


How to avoid turning dialogue into Q&A session?

I noticed a problem I have in my fictional writing. My dialogues quickly turn into interrogations. Here is an exaggerated example.> "How did you do it?" he asked. > "..." > "Will it kill... more


One-page tales: what do I have to spit out and what is indispensable?

I've undertaken to write a book with 50 tales, one per page. It is hard going, because the stories keep coming out too long. How can I "filter" the job, or extract short ideas and work?

What should be in a cover letter for short story submission to a magazine?

It's been about five years since I last submitted any of my work for publication, and my memory of what I was taught then to put in my cover letter is getting rusty. What kind of information... more


What are the common editing requirements for a short story in an anthology?

What kind of responses will come back from an editor after a short story is accepted in an anthology? Specifically, is it common for a writer to hear that an accepted story has potential but needs... more


What editing can I expect for a translation of a previously-published story?

A friend of mine has published a short story in Hebrew, and I'm currently translating it into English, for submission to short fiction magazines.If accepted, will the editing process be any... more


Where do I go looking for an editor?

I have several completed short stories, and I'm considering having them line-edited before I submit them.But I have no idea where to look for editors. How do I know who's any good? Where do I look,... more
Short Story English


What does this mean?

In the short story, Sunday in the Park by Bel Kaufman, what does the phrase "You and who else?" mean in the context?
Short Story


I need help writing a short story with the words below

Can anyone help me write a story using these words 1. natural resource,2. raw material, 3. process, 4. harvest, 5. industry, 6. manufacuring, 7. product, 8. captial resource, 9. argriculture, 10.... more

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