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Proofread my paper and please edit it, I also need a tutor for my proofreading skills so i will use this as a test as well please contact me after

     In the novel, The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd, Lily is the character whom has changed the most. First of all, Lily is the fundamental character, protagonist, and narrator of her story. At the point when Lily first shows up in the novel, she is a beaten down, misused, and abused by her brutal father. He runs a peach ranch where Lily has carried on with her entire life. However, inside of Lily are qualities she finds when she leaves home and goes on the run with her nanny, Rosaleen. Through her interactions with other individuals all through the novel, Lily gains strength in her independence, understanding of prejudice, and loving connections in her life. Basically, as Lily proceeds onward all throughout the novel, she feels and adjusts to changes in her diverse surroundings. Next, Zach and Lily were working on the supers that they brought in. They ran twelve extractor loads through the system. The whole time when Lily was working with Zach she thought about how difficult and mixed up people got when it came to love. Then she started thinking about her relationship with Zach. Kidd writes, “I myself, for instance. It seemed like I was now thinking of Zach forty minutes out of every hour, Zach, who was an impossibility. That’s what I told myself five hundred times: impossibility. I can tell you this much: the word is a great big log thrown on the fires of love.” (pg. 133). Basically, this shows that Lily is the character whom has changed the most in the novel. While driving with Zach in the honey truck, Lily sees that she loves him. In South Carolina, it was wrong to see a black and white person together, much less have them be in love. This makes Lily trust that her adoration for Zach is not right. Lily additionally feels that her affection for Zach is incomprehensible in view of her past encounters with love. Lily adores her dad T. Ray, yet does not feel that he cherishes her back due to his abusive ways. She craves for her mother's love, yet does not feel as though she loved her back. This shows that Lily is changing and acknowledging what is good and bad. It is not right for her to be infatuated with Zach because of the thoughts of those days when racism was an immense variable in essentially everything, except it is additionally wrong that both cannot be infatuated because of a contrast of race. Lily gets a handle on a greater amount of the idea that everybody is equal, as well as equally created, and comprehends that prejudice is a profoundly wrong conviction. In conclusion, Lily is the character whom has changed the most, in the novel, The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd.

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