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How much value do publishers and editors place on informative/educational content in fiction stories?

I have heard people say that ‘good stories are educational as well as entertaining’. But how much does it actually matter in the eyes of editors and publishers? For example, if one is writing a... more


What should I keep in mind when reviewing and improving already published chapters?

I began writing a fantasy novel as a "last week of vacation fun project", and it hit off very well. *It is my first time writing*. I'm publishing as a web novel in a popular webnovel site.And of... more


What is an APA-certified editor?

Is APA-certified editor an actual credential?If yes, is there a universally-accepted proof in the U.S. for that credential?I tried a web search on "how to become an APA-certified editor." I clicked... more


How can I keep my writing from being perceived as "too complicated"?

This is from a piece I wrote a couple of years back:> The sky seemed like a big, large pool of grey smoke. The weather was cool, moist. A fresh, earthy smell hung on the air.> I peered... more


How can I catch more errors when I proofread?

I have a problem where I often proof my own writing and I don't catch all the errors while I am reading through it. I often miss entire words out of sentences or find myself repeating words. I can... more


Looking for some tips on how to improve writing?

I have just completed my first draft of a novel. Now the story is completed it's time to capture the style so the reader can engage in the story. I want to make sure the story style is easy enough... more


When to ask for feedback of novel?

At what stage in writing do you ask for feedback on your new story? - After writing a plot outline? - After the first draft? - After the second draft? - After you polish it for the public?What kind... more
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When proofreading a chapter, should I try to prevent a few lines spilling onto a new page?

I am proofreading a novel chapter for the first time. I do not have the other chapters to review. The book is a 2nd edition, and several chunks of text have been inserted, so the end of the chapter... more


How to minimize language mistakes while writing?

While it's true that: - Editors do proof reading for you, and - word processors have spell checking and grammar checkingyou do not always have an editor available, and software tools aren't perfect... more


I'm an editor who generally uses Word to communicate changes with my authors. Is Adobe's InCopy better for this task?

For all of my editing work I'm currently using Microsoft Word. But I've heard a bit about Adobe's InCopy being good for editing and publishing. Is it really better? What makes it better than Word?


When and how often edit the style and content of a story?

An early story I did I edited again and again to make it better. But in the end, I got the feeling the result was worse than before. Recently I tried to write (short-stories) in one go and only... more


Strategies for shortening texts?

When reviewing a text to shorten it beneath a fixed, externally imposed word limit, which strategies are available for shortening the text? What kind of shortening can be expected?The most obvious... more


Can Extensive Outlining Take the Place of the First Draft?

**Background:** I've been writing fan fiction for five years now. I began when I didn't have a clue what I was doing, so my methods have evolved during those years. By now I have a solid process... more


What needs to be included in a corporate style guide?

What kinds of things need to be included in a corporate style guide that can't already be found in S&W, AP, Chicago Style, etc?


UK vs. US editions of fiction?

I am reading a novel the copy of which was bought and published in the US, but the novel was written and copyrighted by a British author and first published in the UK.\\*Apart from the apparent... more


Why does an author need an editor?

I'm firmly in the camp of "your novel needs an editor, and that editor better not be yourself." But recently I was asked why that was, and I couldn't articulate an answer that was passable. Young... more


How do I find an affordable editor?

I wrote a few chapters of a book several years ago. How do I find an affordable editor?


What is the standard editorial timeline for genre fiction novels?

I'm signed with a publisher working on my first genre fiction novel. The editor is driving me crazy not getting her work done and putting the rewrites on me at the last minute up against the... more


Adding breaks in a novel—spaces, asterisks, or a chapter break?

I am editing my first novel and wherever I find a natural break in the story, I add a few spaces. I want to go back and adjust what types of breaks those are, but how best to represent those spaces... more

What exactly is an editor "summary"?

An Australian literary agent just knocked me back after reading my debut novel manuscript. He advised me to find an editor and said he'll entertain reading my work again but would like to first see... more


How can I edit my own, very old work?

I have about a hundred pages of a novel I wrote in high school, I like the concept behind the writing but I'm finding it extremely difficult to go back and read/edit it again. I last edited the... more


emacs for creative writing?

Does anyone know a good emacs configuration for creative writing? I'd be looking for the ability to write, edit, and export to libre office or word (so the less technical people get edit/view). I'm... more


Hyphen or en-dash?

What is the correct dash usage when naming a title?I have an essay with the title:*The success factors for successful e-commerce - A Linux-based e-commerce platform from an economic... more


Style when intentionally misspelling?

I am copyediting and doing layout on a play that includes a few plays on words and intentional misspellings. At first glance they read like typos. I am wondering if the convention is that I should... more


Which techniques can I use to become a better editor when editing my own writing?

I'm looking to improve my ability to edit and correct my own writing. What are some techniques I can use to help me with this?

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