Asked • 05/29/19

Is writing in fragments bad practice?

Occasionally, it *feels* easier to write individual scenes of a prose and later connect them somehow.Does this method have any significant benefit and/or throwback over the regular "perpetual" way?

Sharon P.

There is a tendency to end up with sentences that are too short when you write in this manner. You can start out however you want, however you are making it harder on yourself. Sharon P.


Jeff W.

I don't believe there is anything inherently bad in using fragments as a way to organize the individual pieces of a larger work. Your question sounds a lot like outlining a written work before fleshing out all the connective tissue between the fragments you have put together. Planning the course of a written work before jumping into the details can help develop a consistent and coherent overall message or theme. It's kind of like the old saying about seeing the forest for the trees. Also, there is one method to organizing writing in which one writes individual topics, scenes, sentences or supporting evidence for an essay or story on index cards. Then the cards are grouped so that the pieces that are most relevant to each other are together and anything that isn't a strong enough supporting detail or plot point are discarded. Once the skeleton of the work is established, it can be easier to create a beginning and/or ending to serve as bookends for the meaty portion of the work in the middle. The index card method can also be useful if you want to tell a story that uses time-jumps. Once the story is laid out in chronological order on the index cards, you can explore moving chunks of the story around if it might heighten the impact of the overall theme or message or to create more dramatic tension.


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Elaine B. answered • 06/02/19

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