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Copyright law regarding use of a popular fictional character in a book

can I write a kids book about (for instance) Luke Skywalker, and call it an ‘unofficial memoir’ without any problems. Also there would be drawings. And how would I get around such things?Thanks for... more


Does the Creative Commons license protect my writing on the web?

I usually write on the web and I would like to license my writings using one of the Creative Commons licenses, but I can't understand how that license can protect our works. We really like to share... more


Borrowing Characters?

Would it be a violation of copyright and/or plagiarism to “borrow” a character from another novel?For example, I have a short story and want to include as a side character Ender (of Ender’s Game).... more
Copyright Writing Book Publishing


Do publishers care if submitted work has already been copyrighted?

I'm getting ready to start submitting a book I've written. I copyrighted an earlier draft of it a few years ago (as in submitted it for official registered copyright). The final draft has not... more


Copyright of materials used in a video?

It is common that TV channels or internet TV channels (e.g. those regularly post their shows on Youtube) use materials from other sources. For example, displaying photos from the internet, parts of... more


Do stars of original series get royalties for reboots or remakes?

While this may be a bit subjective, the recent remake of ***Roots***, produced by the original star, Levar Burton, got me to think.Is it common, or even heard of, for an actor or star to get... more
Copyright Writing Publishing


What are those "countdown" numbers on the copyright page?

On the copyright pages in many books I find the following "countdown" numbers and I am wondering what the significance of this is?In a non-fiction book I have, "The Call of the Mild" it looks... more

Charging an Intellectual Property transfer fee for design work?

So, you've finished a design job (eg. a logo design) and the client asks for your IP surrounding the logo, eg copyright, original artwork files, notes, sketches, all of that stuff that went into... more


Editing an Anthology or Compilation?

I'm interested in putting together an anthology --a work containing some original material, but also lengthy excerpts and/or full text of previously published material by other authors, from a... more


manuscript new versions and First Publishing Rights?

If you self-publish a version of a book, and then edit it, can you still traditionally publish it offering First Publishing Rights? Essentially I am asking if a partly re-writen draft is it... more


Safety of using images found through Google image search?

I am working on a Facebook education page for my church. I often find Google search images that don't have an obvious copyright symbol at the bottom of the article or blog. How do I know if these... more
Copyright Proofreading Novel


Can I do small changes after the copyright of a novel?

Can I do small changes after the copyright of a novel? My changes includes grammatical error, sentence reformation and fixing logical errors?


Repeat client is suddenly demanding intellectual property rights!?

A fairly sizable client whom I've done a few jobs for over the past several years has recently contacted me for a new job. We have never had a contract for any of the work I've done for them (I'm a... more


How can I trust that the proofreader and designer of a book will not plagiarize our work?

My friend and I are writing a book in English in the Electrical Engineering field. At this stage, we need someone to proofread our texts and also to design the layout of the book, so we will need... more

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