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First draft Word count.?

Do you find your first draft is longer or shorter than your completed work? I understand that I will be cutting alot of unnessary words, but I also have a list of things I need to add. I haven't... more
First Draft Writing Proofreading


What should my redraft phase entail?

I've been reading Stephen King's On Writing and he's got quite a lot to say about the redraft phase. He explains his working method. 1. Write with the door closed, just for him and create a 1st... more


How can I make my 'first draft' good enough to be published?

One of my bugbears about writing is the editing process. I'd much rather get it right first time, rather than chop this and change that afterwards.Other industries would not tolerate the rather... more


What are First Drafts, Second Drafts, etc.?

I've been reading a few questions on this site, and I've seen the terms First, Second or Third Drafts. What does this refer to actually? And could someone give a clear detail of what they are, and... more

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