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Can technical writing suck less?

I currently have the prospect of writing a considerable amount of technical documentation (describing interactions with an extremely complex online service). I consider myself a reasonably... more
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How do you track dependencies for your co-authors?

I and one or more co-authors, sometimes geographically distributed, are working on a set of related documents. Sometimes I will make a change in my part that affects someone else's part; this... more
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How much time do you spend writing one page on average?

I'm writing a technical book about one programming technology and would like to compare how much time other authors spend on one page (on average). I rarely write a page and am done with it, quite... more
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Is there a hemisphere-neutral way of specifying a season?

I want to refer to the timeframe of Summer 2019 in the Northern hemisphere. However, the writing is intended for a global audience, and when it is Summer in the Northern hemisphere it will be... more
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How does one avoid incomplete changes to documentation?

Having encountered errors in technical documentation that almost certainly came from incomplete editing after copying from earlier documentation, I am curious about what techniques can be used to... more
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How to represent [RETURN] key in MS Word?

I am writing a technical document in MS Word 2007, which needs to show the reader how to execute some commands on the operating system. Something like: C:\\script_dir> run.bat [RETURN] Many... more
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How can I prepare for a career in instruction writing and editing?

To technical background authors (e.g. Isaac Rabinovitch) who would possibly work in teams with non-technically trained writers:How can I prepare myself to be able to do what you do? How can I... more
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How to communicate two elements of different general syntactic/semantic type in the same sentence?

I have the following sentence, > NAME is a community that helps each other code better by rating each> other's efforts and helps managers pair with other fellow developersI was suggested by... more


Metrics for assessing the persuasiveness of a paper?

Are there any known variables to measure, or questions to ask in survey, in order to asses the persuasiveness of a paper? For example, I'm not sure if omitting a section from my paper might... more
Technical Writing


Technical Writing

“Good manners and good morals are sworn friends and fast allies.” – C.A. BartolBartol’s quote reveals the preoccupation with manners as evidence of morals. Some might argue that today’s youth have... more
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I need a question involving what makes a leader successful.

I have to ask it analytically for a proposal memo. The basis of the paper will be used throughout the term for me to add to and eventually complete. I also need to ask questions that go into the... more

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