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How can I make my 'first draft' good enough to be published?

One of my bugbears about writing is the editing process. I'd much rather get it right first time, rather than chop this and change that afterwards.Other industries would not tolerate the rather... more


What are First Drafts, Second Drafts, etc.?

I've been reading a few questions on this site, and I've seen the terms First, Second or Third Drafts. What does this refer to actually? And could someone give a clear detail of what they are, and... more


Do editors rewrite?

I write fiction, I guess you could say experimental fiction, but I just feel I am more of a stylist. Every story of mine that's been accepted was taken as is. Now, for the first time, I am dealing... more


When my story has a powerful phrase but that loses its power when I read it again in the next day, should I keep it or remove it?

Sometimes I have a great idea of sentence (usually for a dialogue) and it is just so nice, beautiful, epic, badass, powerful, or whatever other positive impression. However, sometimes I read it... more
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If I'm going to hire a copyeditor, do I need to do any proofing myself?

For my book I'm planning to self-pub, I aim to hire a copyeditor / proofreader at some point.The question is this: Should I do any proofreading myself, other than using a spell checker? Currently,... more

How do I escape my own experience?

When writing academic text, you're often in the position of having to write introductory or explanatory material for your audience. Usually you write this kind of material after you've explored the... more


At what point does an author deal with an editor?

I'm just wondering: at which point do you have to deal with the editor, and what are the (possible) consequences? That is, when is the editor's involvement greatest? After or before a deal?I'd... more

Metrics for assessing the persuasiveness of a paper?

Are there any known variables to measure, or questions to ask in survey, in order to asses the persuasiveness of a paper? For example, I'm not sure if omitting a section from my paper might... more


Are there any rules to follow about the narrator mixing past and present tense in writing?

I'm editing a short story that's been written in the past tense, however at some points I slip up and use a lot of present tense to describe some scenes. Thing is, it's happened often enough that... more


Structuring a sentence with two phrases qualifying the same ending?

For a long time, I have wondered which way of writing the following is correct.(Is more than one correct?) 1. The expected result for integers denotes that a value should be **at least** a specific... more


Editors: Edit on first read, or read and edit on second round?

I edit novels (among other works). I was having a discussion with someone (not an editor) who didn't understand my technique. What I do is read through the document, and the moment something occurs... more


Can I, as a reader, submit a "Bug Report" for a novel?

I just finished a new release.I encountered a passage in the book that doesn't quite make sense.Just a single sentence that is out of place.Grammatically it is fine, but in context it doesn't seem... more


How to survive editing?

I am currently trying to edit a one my most recent novel. Trying is the keyword. I asked a few people to read my book as beta readers, but all of them have been busy, so no progress on that front.... more


What is the fastest way to make an editor hate me?

I was reading an article the other day on "best practices" for presenting my work to an editor. It was very informative. But the inquisitive side of me started wondering what it was that might make... more


When editing for a person, how much can be changed?

The context is a technical document that is written by one person and then sent out for review by others. The reviewers change word tense, change from active to passive voice, and make other style... more


What correction, if any, should be made to sentence 13?

A. Although he admired American individualism; he feared that a society of individuals could be a lonely place to live. B. Make no change. C. Although he admired American individualism: he feared... more
Editing Proofreading


Proofread my paper and please edit it, I also need a tutor for my proofreading skills so i will use this as a test as well please contact me after

     In the novel, The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd, Lily is the character whom has changed the most. First of all, Lily is the fundamental character, protagonist, and narrator of her... more


Is this sentence written correctly?

I'm writing an essay and having issues. My writing tends to sound awkward. This was my first draft of the sentence: "His father worries Henry has a death wish and asks the narrator, who seems to... more


Could someone assist me in revising this sentence?

English is not my forte.  I was told this sentence sounds awkward: "His father worries Henry has a death wish and asks the narrator, who seems to be his son’s old friend, for advice, but Henry... more

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