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First Appearance Film Terminology Film Techniques


Does David Lynch's eerie atmosphere (closer to german "Unheimlich"), have a definition and clear origin?

One aspect that all of lynch's films have is that eerie feeling that something is not quite right, but I find that atmosphere to be different from pure surrealism. Did Lynch start this? Or does it... more
First Appearance Film Editing Film Techniques


What is the first occurence of a sequence of short shots of the same length separated by fade ins/outs?

This technique is used in several movie trailers to give a feeling of stress, anxiety or urgency. It is also used in several movies (mostly thrillers, action or horror movies), sometimes even... more


What was the earliest mass-release movie that used Matrix-like "bullet time"?

One of the things that The Matrix was famous for was "bullet time" cinematography. I'm fairly sure that, while it was the first one to use the technique extensively and become famous for it, it... more

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