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Film Techniques Film Dubbing


Do movie actors/actresses dub their scenes after shooting or do they use the audio that is in the scene?

Do they record the audio separately? Or is it all taken in one shot?I think I remember watching some cheap indie films whose audio and video, particularly the speaking of the actors, are not very... more
Film Techniques Film Distribution Film Industry


What exactly is 70mm print and why does anyone care?

There has been a bit of controversy lately over the release of Tarantino's *Hateful Eight* movie. As I understand it, the movie was scheduled to play in a particular theater in Los Angeles that... more


Does David Lynch's eerie atmosphere (closer to german "Unheimlich"), have a definition and clear origin?

One aspect that all of lynch's films have is that eerie feeling that something is not quite right, but I find that atmosphere to be different from pure surrealism. Did Lynch start this? Or does it... more
Film Techniques Film The Expanse


What techniques were used to film zero-g scenes in The Expanse?

Most of the zero-g scenes in the SyFy series _The Expanse_ appear to be done with good old cables, some CGI, and actors moving slowly.But there is one scene at the very beginning of the first... more
Film Techniques Film Production Dialogue


How is the dialogue for wide shots recorded?

In scenes where the boom mic would have to be placed much too far from the actor in order to film the scene, how is the dialogue recorded? Is there some hidden microphone on the actor's clothing or... more


Why do people tap the back of cameras during filming?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYWAHuFbLoc&t=58m49sAt 58 min 49s, the video above shows on-set footage of a film crew. (Link is setup to start playing from there.)For a few seconds, it shows... more
Film Techniques Film Film Industry


How were Opening Titles and End Credits created before Computers?

I've always wondered how Opening Titles and End Credits in the movies were created before Computers existed?
Film Techniques Film Cinematography


Why is it a common trend to pan the camera past an object then back to it?

The title might have been vague so let me clarify. I have see this in many movies and television series over the years, *even cartoons*. Let me create a scenario since I can't visually remember one... more
Film Techniques Film Stunts Effects


How are water scenes (with flooding) achieved without injuring actors?

Sometimes you see scenes in movies where characters are in a boat below deck, or in some other circumstance where water comes rushing in and knocks them over and they go sliding off camera.How do... more
Film Techniques Film Comedy


Style of shooting where common activities are filmed as if they were epic?

I am trying to identify a cinematic style where a common activity is filmed as if it was way more epic than it really is (usually with a comedic intent).As an example: a guy could be just drinking... more
Film Techniques Film Limitless


How were the zooming sequences performed?

In [**Limitless**](http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1219289/), one of the initial scenes features a unique [**zooming**](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zqOVk9YRAo) effect that is a rare find.How was... more
Film Techniques Film Realism Trope


What's the purpose of people shouting "Hello" into the phone several times after they've clearly been disconnected?

This is usually done with a landline phone. The character calls someone or someone is calling him, they talk for a while and then for any reason the other person hangs up earlier than the character... more


How was the opening scene with the fly made?

This may sound like a bit of an odd question, but I was wondering how the opening scene in Once Upon A Time in The West was made and more specifically, how they made the fly do what it did. It must... more
Film Techniques Film


Why do films have more cuts than they did 20 years ago?

The "20 years" is an arbitrary figure but I have noticed that films tend to have way more cuts than they did in earlier days of film making. Sometimes there will be a conversation in the room and... more
Film Techniques Film The Matrix Reloaded


How was the motorcycle scene in The Matrix Reloaded made?

We can see that Trinity is driving the bike in opposite direction with high speed and closely passing other vehicles. Is it fully CGI made?
Film Techniques Film Cinematography Effects


How did they shoot the Las Vegas scene in "Now You See Me"?

How did they shoot the Las Vegas MGM Grand scene in "Now You See Me" (2013)? At the beginning of the Las Vegas scene there is a very large auditorium with a rotunda stage and the camera's viewpoint... more
Film Techniques Film Cinema History


What is the longest, single take, tracking shot in cinema/TV?

In episode four of True Detective, there was a 6-minute long, single take, tracking shot sequence.What is the longest, scripted, single take (no cuts) sequence in movies / television?I am not... more
Film Techniques Film Editing First Appearance


What is the first occurence of a sequence of short shots of the same length separated by fade ins/outs?

This technique is used in several movie trailers to give a feeling of stress, anxiety or urgency. It is also used in several movies (mostly thrillers, action or horror movies), sometimes even... more
Film Techniques Film Casting


Why are twins often cast for young roles?

I've seen it many times. Very young identical twins cast for the same role. Off the top of my head: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in Full House.* Dylan Thomas Sprouse and Cole Mitchell Sprouse in Big... more
Film Techniques Film Acting


How do actors stop breathing when playing "dead"?

I saw many movies when the actor/actress (in the movie) dies.In some movies you can tell that the picture is paused when it is on the dead character. But in other movies the actor is laying still... more
Film Techniques Film Effects Dexter


How are the face cuts done when Dexter takes his blood samples of his victims?

Whenever Dexter has his victim on the slab ready to be killed, he cuts them with a surgical knife and takes a blood sample. Obviously the knife is fake and the blood is fake but quite often you... more
Film Techniques Film Analysis Horror


Why are dolls, teddy bears, etc. used as horror objects in horror films?

In many horror films, toys such as dolls, teddy bears, and puzzle boxes are used as objects which the spirits/ghosts use to scare people. Some examples would be Annabelle, the crooked man musical... more
Film Techniques Film Terminology


Is there a name for this storytelling technique?

In the Studio Ghibli film The Cat Returns, I saw a very noticeable example of a storytelling technique that I've seen in other Studio Ghibli productions. When in the Cat palace, the King of Cats... more
Film Techniques Film Production Black And White


Are modern black & white movies shot in colour?

A few movies are still released in black & white, largely for artistic reasons. Are such movies shot in colour, and then converted to black & white for release? Or are they usually filmed... more
Film Techniques Film Realism


Is it really as easy to knock someone out in real life as in the movies?

As a child I watched (with my father) a boxing match which lasted 12 rounds. At the end neither fighter resembled his previous pretty self, but nobody got knocked out either.I just watched Terra... more

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