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Ethics Philosophy


A person should decide for himself the moral laws that he will follow which is called the "autonomy of the will"

what ethical viewpoint is being described?


Reinhard Niebuhr: Moral Man and Immoral Society

Whats some useful information about this book that I can use to write a book review? I swear I'm not lazy, the reading is just very dense and I'm having a difficult time understanding a lot of it.
Ethics Religion Morals


Influences on Reinhard Niebuhr

What influenced Reinhard Niebuhr to write Moral Man and Immoral Society? Are there influences that are evident in the book?
Ethics Philosophy


Ethics Based on Consequences

Utilitarians argue that since happiness is the end that all human beings seek, (1) action that maximizes human happiness is good and (2) the right action to choose (among options) is that one which... more

On what grounds can a democratic state prohibit pornography?

On what grounds can a democratic state interfere to prohibit or limit its citizens from producing, distributing and consuming pornography? Does the state have any right to prohibit pornography or... more


Ethical background of editing images?

I am a software engineering undergraduate and I implemented a system to match edited photographs with their original photographs to protect intellectual properties of photographers as my final year... more


How do I treat requests for work for causes that go against my personal principles?

Recently, I received a request for a quote from a party that promotes and teaches an ideology that diametrically opposes my own beliefs. The job involved designing promotion material for classes... more

Should I respect other people's religions?

My point of view is that there is no reason to believe any god exists without evidence. So I find religions a very irrational idea and I mostly heard people saying > We have to respect other... more

Is there an advantage of a theistic account in terms of being able to define goodness?

I have been watching some debates about the existence of god, such as Peter Singer vs. Dinesh D'Souza, or Christopher Hitchens vs. John Lennox. On the religious side, one argument comes up... more


Using employer's resources while job interviewing?

I'm currently employed, and have been with the same company A since grad school (6 years). After applying for a job at company B, I've been invited to an on-site interview in 19 days. It is a... more


Am I morally obligated to pursue a career in medicine?

I am a high school student who has no formal training in philosophy, so I apologize if this question seems naïve. However, it is one that I am currently facing in a life decision, and I would like... more

When is violence appropriate?

In what situations would violence be appropriate? The way I see it, the only excuse is **as a response** to violence (self-defense). Am I missing anything?


Concerned with my boss presenting my project/presentation?

About 8 months ago, a coworker and I worked on a project which lasted about 4 months to complete. After completion, we as a team presented the findings to 3 different groups of increasing... more


Why is a lion not evil?

One often hears the claim that animals who kill and such, are not in fact evil. The typical example is that of a lion or a tiger that kills a prey. The argument is more or less that the animal acts... more
Ethics Philosophy


What are the ethical problems with flipping a coin to decide in the trolley problem?

My understanding is that John M. Taurek suggests that, in the Trolley Problem, we should flip a coin when deciding between saving 5 lives versus 1 life (assuming we do not know any of these... more


Repeat client is suddenly demanding intellectual property rights!?

A fairly sizable client whom I've done a few jobs for over the past several years has recently contacted me for a new job. We have never had a contract for any of the work I've done for them (I'm a... more

How can one rebut the argument that atheism is inherently immoral?

It not uncommon to see religious people arguing that without the moral center of a religious text, true ethics are impossible. The reasoning goes that, without a fixed moral center, atheists are... more


Does the idea of being created imply the necessity for obedience to a creator?

If a scientist created intelligent life (biological, AI software, etc.), would that scientist have the right to dictate to that life a moral framework? Does the act of creation give implicit rights... more


Create a Rule Utilitarian argument

Create a Rule Utilitarian argument that argues if you should fire your rockets or not. You are not being forced to make an argument one way or another, but I want you to be able to argue as you... more

People give a variety of reasons for copying music from a friend instead of buying it.

People give a variety of reasons for copying music from a friend instead of buying it. Refute each of the reasons given below, using any of the ethical theories (utilitarianism, kant's moral... more


You are a reporter in Portland, Oregon, working on a story about a manufacturing company’s pollution of the Columbia River. A friend of yours works in the Human

You must decide whether to take the job or try to get the evidence by other means. If you take the job, it will be undercover. The company would not hire you if it knew that you were a reporter... more


Does a consumer have an ethical responsibility?

Do you believe consumers have an ethical duty when purchasing goods? E.g. should they buy sustainable oil or fair trade goods? - or is it not their problem?


Can you identify if these are arguments or not?

1. Fictional characters behave according to the same psychological probabilitiesas real people. But the characters of ?ction are found in exotic dilemmas that real people hardly encounter.... more

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