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Is it ethical still pursue online classes at this point in the pandemic? (Using Utilitarianism Ethics)

Using Utilitarianism EthicsDo you think that it is still ethical to pursue online classes at this point in the pandemic?


Do social norms have not to do anything with ethics and morality under Contractarianism?

I just wanted to clarify that if Contractarians think that Social norms cannot be associated with Ethics and Morality since the whole point of it is creating a contract.
Ethics Psychology


Discuss the case using the principle of Double Effect

Greg has just one minute to make an agonizing choice. A runaway train is hurtling down the track towards the junction where he is standing. Further down the line, too far away for him to reach,... more


Radical Constructivism

Can you help me to explain and give a situational examples? Thank you.  Radical constructivism is the idea that all learning must be constructed, and there is no utility or meaning in instruction... more


How to make a good ethical reasoning.

How to make a good ethical reasoning? Elaborate.


Aristotle Forum

Dear Wyzant,I am doing an assignment about a summary about Aristotle Forum but I don't understand Aristotle's reasoning it says Presumably, however, to say that happiness is the chief good seems a... more


Intro to Ethics

The realm of etiquette has to do with what is acceptable _____________ behavior.


The Team Meeting and Management Efficiency Case

You are team leader for the team responsible for implementing corporate restructuring. Your superiors favor a radical change in the way in which these changes are made within the company, Usually,... more


Why do ethical issues matter?

Why do ethical issues matter? COLLAPSE In your workaday life, when ethical issues come up do you find yourself taking a strong stance and voice your opinion, or do you tend to disengage yourself... more


Deception as Therapy:

A 46-year-old man, coming to a clinic for a routine physical check-up needed for insurance purposes, is diagnosed as having a form of cancer likely to cause him to die within six months. No known... more


A government uses laws to accomplish which of the following?

(A) None of the answer choices are correct(B) Control the emotions of its members(C) Govern the actions and behaviors of its members(D) Limit the thoughts of its members


Theological freedom

Did St. Augustine give a satisfying defense of human freedom and the existence of God from the Stoics' ideas?


Germans - Is it cultural appropriation or cosplay?

Well, if a Caucasian American were to dress as the German mythological creature the Rasslebock (similar to but distinct from the US's Jackalope), would it be cultural appropriation or disrespectful... more


my question is about two kinds of ignorance in term of professional ethics

. A physician was negligent in that he was ignorant of a particular fact. He administered anesthesia to a woman and overlooked her medical chart that showed she had eaten an hour before.... more


What is the difference between value theory and normative ethics?

Ethics Philosophy


A person should decide for himself the moral laws that he will follow which is called the "autonomy of the will"

what ethical viewpoint is being described?


Reinhard Niebuhr: Moral Man and Immoral Society

Whats some useful information about this book that I can use to write a book review? I swear I'm not lazy, the reading is just very dense and I'm having a difficult time understanding a lot of it.


Influences on Reinhard Niebuhr

What influenced Reinhard Niebuhr to write Moral Man and Immoral Society? Are there influences that are evident in the book?
Ethics Philosophy


Ethics Based on Consequences

Utilitarians argue that since happiness is the end that all human beings seek, (1) action that maximizes human happiness is good and (2) the right action to choose (among options) is that one which... more

On what grounds can a democratic state prohibit pornography?

On what grounds can a democratic state interfere to prohibit or limit its citizens from producing, distributing and consuming pornography? Does the state have any right to prohibit pornography or... more


Ethical background of editing images?

I am a software engineering undergraduate and I implemented a system to match edited photographs with their original photographs to protect intellectual properties of photographers as my final year... more

How do I treat requests for work for causes that go against my personal principles?

Recently, I received a request for a quote from a party that promotes and teaches an ideology that diametrically opposes my own beliefs. The job involved designing promotion material for classes... more

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