Asked • 05/29/19

Redouble, double, or double again?

I have seen double and double again a lot. Redouble, not so much.I found out that redouble can mean to double again, to double, or in general to intensify whether that is double, triple, quintuple, or something else.So if I want to use double again I pretty much know when to use it. However I wouldn't know when to use redouble or if I should use it at all.If I use redouble where I would usually use double then the reader would think that it has doubled twice.If I use redouble where I would usually use triple or quintuple or something besides double then again the reader will think that it has doubled again when it might have tripled.If I use redouble where I would usually use double again the reader wouldn't have the intensify vs double again confusion but still the reader might think "It is irrelavant to use redouble when you could just use double again."So should I use redouble in any scenario when writing or editing or should I just use double, double again, triple etc. which I would usually use?I am trying to expand my vocabulary while editing so that is why I am asking if I should ever use redouble?

Jay W.

Redouble shouldn't be used. If something were first doubled, and it is known, and on top of that is doubled, then I do not see a problem with saying doubled again. However, mathematically speaking, this would be an exponential process. Using the word exponential in place of double again or redouble is probably the best solution.


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