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What's the Best Workflow for using RX8 to restore Audio before Editing with Premiere?

It depends on which version of RX8 you have, but generally I'd recommend applying the following modules in order as needed: 1) De Hum / Spectral De-noise 2) Clip Limiter (if necessary) 3) Voice... more

How do I turn audio into video (that is, show the waveforms in a video)?

I have to create a video. Part of it involves "showing" a radio interview. Rather than just having a black screen and listening to the audio, I'd like to have a varying waveform on the screen and a... more


How to fade in/out a video/audio clip with unknown duration?

I'm working on a project where I'm using ffmpeg to batch convert some video files, and adding fade in/out effects at the head and tail of each clip.I've been using this bit of code to add the... more

Free software to synchronize audio and video recorded at the same time?

So I just filmed something using two webcams and a separate audio recorder. This means I have 3 files, 2 video, 1 audio and they all need to be synced and then I need some sort of software which... more

Bulk/Mass Edit Video Audio?

I have 100 videos that need editing so that I can level the and amplify the audio track. However I do not want to have to extract the mp3 track from each one and edit it then merge it again with... more


Effective working at audio/video editing sessions (avoid fatigue making steady progress)?

**Background**I've just completed an editing project to produce video highlights of an awards evening for my local community radio station. It was a voluntary non-paid project and I'm very pleased... more


How to add audio to a HTML image?

I'm still new to all this, but I'm trying to add audio mp3 sound to an HTML image, which is played when clicked on. How can I do this right? I've already tries a few things, like the... more

What equipment should I get for starting out making professional quality films?

I want to start two short film projects but I don't know what equipment I need to get a good professional quality result. I've been saving some money so I hope budget is not a problem. Also, what's... more

Gapless audio in video?

It's possible to produce mp4/webm videos without sound that loop seamlessly, but if you add sound to the video with matching length it adds a noticeable stutter at the end, even if the audio is... more

Alternative to Windows Media Player that supports all video/audio files?

I have been using Windows Media Player in my Windows 7 and I found that it can't play some type of video formats like MKV. So I am searching for a new player which: - supports any type of video... more
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Laptops combo jack microphone dont work

Hi. I just bought a new HP laptop and it has Combo Jack in it instead of "old" separate mic and audio jack. So i decided to buy an adapter to it. And now when i have plugged my headphones to it, it... more

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