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How do I take sharper pictures?

My photos often are blurry, even though i bought an expensive camera. What causes my blurred photos, and how can I fix the problem?


I want a drawing based on the description please help!

Laila and Mariam teach Aziza, who devote their knowledge for her education. Mariam teaches the Koran and Laila finally teaches at her school as a volunteer. The book ends with optimism for women's... more


Are you looking to start a career in web development?

I am familiar with full stack web development, front-end development, back-end development, WordPress, PHP, javaScript, HTML, CSS, plugins, API’s integrations, applications, database, SQL,

How do you create original characters?

Creating the story of your characters,Creating the design and look.How to use color theory and shape language to build your character.


What were the requirements to being a photographer 15 years ago?

Hi I am curious about photography's history and I'm just wondering what were the requirements to become a photographer 15 years ago? I know that nowadays you need to take a special course, have... more

Why high contrast increases color saturation?

Thing is simple: when I increase contrast (both with contrast slider, or with S-curve) in Lightroom/Photoshop, a saturation of the color is also increases on the photo. And vice versa: when I... more


Ethical background of editing images?

I am a software engineering undergraduate and I implemented a system to match edited photographs with their original photographs to protect intellectual properties of photographers as my final year... more


Turning a white backdrop into a color one?

I have a roll of white seamless that I use for some studio work that works fine when doing more neutral shots, but I'm looking to do something a bit brighter and require a color backdrop. However,... more


Can't open TIFF in camera raw/Nik Color EFX?

I'm editing a picture of the beach I shot and it has a few adjustment layers. I wanted to save it and then open it in Color EFX to make other adjustments (detail enhancer etc.) and in Camera RAW to... more

Editing/ viewing images across different devices?

I have a monitor that has been calibrated and renders colors correctly (or at least close to it). I use it to edit my photos, which I'm happy with the results. When I upload the final image online... more


Win10's Explorer does not show thumbnails for PSD files from Photoshop CC 2016?

When I save PSD files in Photoshop CC 2016 on a computer running Windows 10, I do not get to see thumbnails of images in the File Explorer, but instead the Photoshop logo is displayed in place of... more

Issue with color profiles in grayscale images (compared to GIMP)?

X-Post https://www.reddit.com/r/Photoshop/comments/5v4zid/issue_with_color_profiles_in_grayscale_images/ (slightly edited) Hi everybody! I hope the language barrier will not be noticed (feel free... more
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Camera for product shots under #300 compatible with Adobe Photoshop?

Which camera would you recommend for product photos under $300 but compatible with Adobe Photoshop?

Lightroom to Photoshop to Pixiset?

There must be a more efficient process than what I am doing. I import all my RAW images to Lightroom. I then open them in Photoshop to make some additional tweaks. From here I save them as JPEGS.... more
Photoshop Adobe Photoshop


Why Use Adobe Camera Raw?

I prefer to edit photos in Photoshop. However, my photos nowadays are all raw. So, when I open them, Photoshop forces me first into Adobe Camera Raw. It automatically adjusts various aspects of the... more


Photoshop Image mode and bit depth?

When I edit my pictures I always work in 16 bit mode because I know I have more color space where I can move so I can avoid issues like banding. At the same time I realised that there's an... more
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Camera for Couple and Event Photography?

I have Nikon D5300 camera with two lenses ( 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G & 55-200mm f/4-5.6G), please let me know if my camera and lenses work for Couple and Event Photography? if not , what Camera and... more


How do I select an area with an exact width and height in Photoshop?

I want to select part of a photo I'm editting in Photoshop. This area is exactly 340 x 210. How do I do that with say the select tool?


How do I use Google Maps GPS data in Adobe Bridge/Photoshop?

I would like to begin adding GPS data to my photographs. I am running Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CS6. After going on a shoot today, I found the location on Google Maps and copied the coordinates,... more

Why is the range for manual white balance so limited at the bottom and top?

I am learning about white balance and everything related to it. Minimal setting for white balance in Lightroom is limited to 2000K (for example the candle light can be around 1600K). I remember... more


How do I return to Camera RAW window after opening an image?

I tend to open a bunch of RAW files at the same time and move through them using the preview to find the image I want to work on. When I click on "Open Image" (perhaps after adjusting white balance... more
Photoshop Photography


Real estate photos with bright windows?

I am a real estate agent and have a canon 400 D with a wide angle lens EFS 10-18mm and a tripod. I know nothing about photography and the homes I photograph have all beautiful window views being a... more


Canon 6D Mark ii RAW preview on Mac not displaying?

Anyone else having this issue? The thumbnails/previews on my Mac for my RAW files (taken with my 6D Mark ii) are not displaying and are just showing the Photoshop/RAW icon... im assuming this is... more

Why is the range for manual white balance so limited at the bottom and top?

I am learning about white balance and everything related to it.Minimal setting for white balance in Lightroom is limited to 2000K (for example the candle light can be around 1600K). I remember one... more


How do I convert multiple JPG images to PNG at once in Photoshop?

I have a folder that has lot of **JPG** files. Now I want to convert all of them into **PNG** files. I searched on YouTube but didn't understand the methods. Further they weren't efficient as they... more

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