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What's a better to say "made by me" on the bottom of my website?

I'm a designer and I'm preparing my own portfolio website. Right on the bottom, I would like to mention that it is I (or me, just don't bite my head off :p ) who coded the website to highlight the... more


When is the best time to add detail?

Is it better to fill your first draft with excessive detail and edit the unneeded parts out after or if it is better to write simply and go back and add in the details after it is done?

Using two-syllable words?

Is it ever okay to use two-syllable words as unstressed in a rhyme or poem?e.g. In this sentence using "pigeon" as two unstressed syllables:>The śmall pigeon rán to the édge of the... more


How are awards given in the editing category?

How are awards are given in the editing category? In 2013, *Argo (2012)* won an Oscar for editing. I saw the movie, but I didn't notice any noticeable editing effects like **rapid cut** sticking... more


Why does this software suggest capitalizing the word 'dragon'?

Why did Grammarly suggest capitalizing the word 'dragon' in this sentence? It says it does not fit the context so needs to be capitalized:<blockquote>Small birds chattered and scooted about... more

One-page tales: what do I have to spit out and what is indispensable?

I've undertaken to write a book with 50 tales, one per page. It is hard going, because the stories keep coming out too long. How can I "filter" the job, or extract short ideas and work?


No longer knowing vs "without knowing...anymore."?

I think this is a common problem I have. I always find myself debating whether I should write a sentence as *"no longer knowing"* or *"without knowing...anymore."*For example:> I looked at... more
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Confidentiality Concerns?

I have recently joined a writers group, and one person has asked to read my entire book. She is lovely, but I am concerned about letting my "baby" go and possibly losing it. Am I being too... more


Sentence rhythm?

Writers are advised to read their work aloud to spot issues they wouldn't otherwise, and maybe work out what it'll take to fix them. Things you might otherwise miss... more
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How can I write a polite reminder letter?

Can anyone please help me about creating a reminder letter, I sent a payment email 15 days ago. Now how can I write a polite reminder letter to the related organization?


Style when intentionally misspelling?

I am copyediting and doing layout on a play that includes a few plays on words and intentional misspellings. At first glance they read like typos. I am wondering if the convention is that I should... more

How to simplify a sentence so that a younger audience can understand it?

I have the following sentence:> Pocket squares are a standout amongst the most vital apparatuses for a> man of style. It's important to have the correct pocket square for the> correct... more


Should I have my work edited by a freelance editor before seeking publication?

I have a friend who is a freelance editor and I was planning on employing her to look over my novel before shopping it out to publishers. However, I don't know if publishers like this or not.Do... more

Is writing three drafts really necessary?

So I understand the first draft which is basically writing whatever comes to mind but I don't understand why we have to rewrite it three times. Can someone please explain to me? What exactly do we... more


Batch processing individual frames into video?

I’m new at video editing… and hoping someone can direct me to the best software for my needs.Running on windows OS. I need to build a video from frames in tga format, convert them in different... more


Maintaining the consistency of voice and spontaneity throughout a piece?

So straight to it, I don't write very long pieces. Usually poetry or flash fiction and a smattering of short stories whenever it needs to be longer, though I have aspirations (mostly just dreams)... more

How much does imperfect grammar put off an agent?

I've written a novel and looking back the story line was good but the grammar wasn't great. I submitted the book to a few agents and received some constructive comments which I took on board. I... more


Is there a hack to bring out your "true" voice?

I've just approved my typeset manuscript and re-reading the book, I'm aware that it sounds very far away from my internal voice. Whilst it has all of the elements in practice, the colour and... more


Possible interactions of punctuation marks with the word "however" in a novel?

When using the word **"however"** in my story, I feel like using a semicolon before it disrupts the flow of words in the readers head too much.So, is the usage of a comma or semicolon necessary in... more


Style signatures and uncommon formatting patterns?

**_Style signatures_** are bits of words and phrases used consistently throughout the entirety of a work (but not necessarily among my unrelated works). I would like to try using style signatures... more


Should these words be hyphenated?

I have the title for a map that shows point locations distributed across a beach where biologists will count the number of clams. The claims will be harvested and used as bait in a crab fishery. ... more


How can I condense a description of a web designer/developer's work into a one-liner?

How can I condense this sentence into a one-liner?Being alone on the project, this web designer/developer held the responsibility of - communicating with the client and the end-users, - defining... more


First draft Word count.?

Do you find your first draft is longer or shorter than your completed work? I understand that I will be cutting alot of unnessary words, but I also have a list of things I need to add. I haven't... more


Is it a bad idea to linger too long on a first draft?

I'm currently working on the first draft of a screenplay, and it's not very good right now. It's little things; some parts go too quickly or slowly, other dialogue exchanges need improvement, and... more
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How can I avoid word repetition in the following paragraph?

> Eri knelt down slowly and thought about her world. The one with the> solid **ground** in which she had stood all her life. Would that surface> break apart one day? And when it did, what... more

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