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Is there any difference between a DoP and a Cinematographer? If so, What?

Recently I was watching a short film titled "Black Hole". In the credits following I came across one "Purva Desai" being credited under D.O.P (i.e. Director of Photography), only to be followed by... more


Why do people tap the back of cameras during filming?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYWAHuFbLoc&t=58m49sAt 58 min 49s, the video above shows on-set footage of a film crew. (Link is setup to start playing from there.)For a few seconds, it shows... more
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Why is it a common trend to pan the camera past an object then back to it?

The title might have been vague so let me clarify. I have see this in many movies and television series over the years, *even cartoons*. Let me create a scenario since I can't visually remember one... more
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How did they shoot the Las Vegas scene in "Now You See Me"?

How did they shoot the Las Vegas MGM Grand scene in "Now You See Me" (2013)? At the beginning of the Las Vegas scene there is a very large auditorium with a rotunda stage and the camera's viewpoint... more
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Is there a rating of the 3D-ness of a 3D movie?

If things aren't thrown in my face during a 3D movie, I feel somewhat disappointed. I also appreciate the use of 3D to enhance a wide-angle shot, a humorous close-up, give a subtle sense of depth,... more
Cinematography Film Film Techniques


How is dialog between two people filmed?

I was always wondering how dialog between two people is filmed.Suppose there are two people talking. The screen is switching between faces of the characters while they talk.How it is done in... more


What was the earliest mass-release movie that used Matrix-like "bullet time"?

One of the things that The Matrix was famous for was "bullet time" cinematography. I'm fairly sure that, while it was the first one to use the technique extensively and become famous for it, it... more


How was pre-title opening in Spectre shot?

The opening scene in 2015's Spectre has a long continuous sequence which, as an amateur filmmaker, is difficult to figure out how it might have been done. The movie begins as an apparent crane shot... more


How did they film Danny tricycle riding through the hotel?

I am curious how the camera managed to maintain such a close distance to Danny riding his tricycle through the hotel in The Shining. The camera seems to be positioned on some wheeled cart that is... more


How did Game Night make shots that made the scene look like a model set?

In the movie Game Night they had several transitionary shots of the town the movie was set in that seemed to be an explicit made to make the town look like a detailed model toy set. This goes with... more

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