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True or False Statements about MLA format

When given a choice of copyright dates on a Works Cited entry, always choose the first date. The mark of punctuation that most often ends the Works Cited entry is a period. ... more
Act English


1. What is the best way to teach kids English?

Act English


english test need help can someone help me

Which of the following sentences is written correctly? Killing myself all day, the yard was finally mowed. I thought the storm clouds look dangerous standing on the shore. I found the shoe looking... more


Choose a / an / the or 0 (no article) for each question.

She was happy to see (the) sun was shining when she woke up that morning. Ben had to go to (the) Tesco when he realised he had ran out of milk. It was very hot outside, so I dropped (an)  ice... more


Are these correct?

There were lots of people  in  the bus this morning. I left my bag  at  the car so I don't have my phone right now. “I thought we were meeting  at  3”, he said nervously. As the weather has... more


Can you quickly help me please I need help!

Type the right form of the verb in brackets: If we  (not miss) the plane, we would be lying on the beach right now! What would you do if someone  (rob) you in the street? She won’t be happy unless... more


Can you help me to find the correct version of these?

What’s the matter?You’d been depressed all week.You’re depressed all week.You’ve been depressed all week.  2. Why wasn’t Mia at work yesterday?I think she had moved house.I think she moved house.I... more


Write these quotes as reported speech

4. He said, "I ate too much pizza last night".5. He said, "I've just run five miles".6. He said, "I'm really tired now".7. He said, "I've had loads of schoolwork to do".8. She asked, "Do you... more


Are these sentences correct? I am trying to make them past perfect.

Question: Has anything ever gone wrong for you?Answer: Yes. I had lost my keys when I was going to travel to my parents house.Question: Did you lose your keys?Answer: I had lost my keys... more
Act English English Literature


I need help with this!!

I need to create a Haiku that relationates to my class which is is Theatre any Ideas?


What is the answer to this question

What is wrong with this sentence?The new student is nearly seven-feet tall, I really hope he wants to join our basketball team.A. It’s a fragment B. It’s a run-onC. There’s a spelling mistake D.... more
Act English English Language


Where do I start when trying to write an essay?


i have a problem with english sentence

hi friends. im in doubt of understanding this sentence which i bold it...i appreciate any help: ‘In the olden days,’ Steyve Colgan, a retired Metropolitan Police officer, told me, ‘[patrols] were... more
Act English English Grammar


The sentence(s) below has one or more blanks. Beneath each sentence(s) are five words or sets of words. Choose the word or set of words that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

He believed that in order to _________ the problem fully, he would need to understand all of its _________.A) solve...positionsB) embrace...nuancesC) comprehend...extremeD) experience...thoughtsE)... more
Act English Act Reading


Rikki Tikki Tivi

1) Describe an instance where one of the characters has an “epiphany” in Rikki Tikki Tavi
Act English English Vocabulary


What are better adjectives for the word "great" that I can incorporate into both former papers and my daily speech?

The word great is an adjective that has two functions. It can either mean above average in intensity, amount or extent. Great can also mean above average in ability or quality. Here are some... more
Act English English


Present and past subjunctive tense in English

For the present and past subjunctive in English, do we use the infinitive w/o the "TO" in both cases?EXAMPLESIt is necessary that they BE warned of the risks (present)It was necessary that they BE... more


SAT #10 Reading (Question 31)

The main purpose of the passage is to [...]?
Act English English Writing


Why do English spelling and pronunciation make no sense?

As a non-native (second language) learner, I find English pronunciation so very difficult.Also, learning to spell - well, it seems like there are no rules.I am very frustrated. Why does English... more
Act English English Homeschool


Can you please correct my sentence?

As discussed with you on Email, we have configured system on theCloud and it is reachable now.Kindly let us know once the system: X is ready for the for the configurationso that we can perform the... more
Act English English Reading


Summer Reading is due!! What will you be asked to report and write about your assigned reading?

5 Main Areas commonly addressed on ACT examinations for reading and comprehension.


SAT #9 Reading (Question 26 & 27)

Based on the passage, Bottke and Levison’s conclusions would be most weakened by a study that [...]?


SAT #9 Reading (Questions 22 & 23)

In McKinnon’s view, Ceres differs from other objects in the asteroid belt in which significant way?


SAT #9 Reading (Question 17)

The author quoted in lines 58-60 expresses which view of the study’s results?
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