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needing good explanation on what to do. HELP NEEDED

My Friend Sometimes I feel all thin inside Insufficient; small; I feel when people look at me They don’t see me at all. I feel that all my beauty’s lost On cold, indifferent eyes And offering what... more
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What is the chances of getting a perfect score of 36 on the ACT when there is a 25% chance of getting 155 of them right and 20% chance of getting the other 60 right

So this is basically me wondering what the probability of getting a 36 on the ACT with completing guessing each and every problem. Just a curious question. Math has 5 answer choices for each and... more

Reported speech

Mark: "Has the lesson started?"Mark asked me _________________________.my guess is: had the lesson started.Justin: What were you doing when I joined?Justin asked us_________________________my guess... more
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points or ideas

Write points in which you argue for or against the claim that world culture is or will become more or less American and whether this Americanization or lack of Americanization is positive or... more
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Reaction or main idea

Q. Post one main idea or reaction and explain in detail why you chose that specific part to share.There's been a lot of discussion about a recent statistic that in 2004, 25950,000 engineers... more

Is this a simple, complex or compound sentence, please help:

I will go there when I am ready.
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please help me answering this question

Where does creativity come from?please explain this in your own words
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The Crucible Act I PLLZZ HELP

1) Explore why Goody Putman has reason to become suspicious of Rebecca Nurse.2) Mr. Parris and Mr. Putnam both introduce the theme of greed. Describe how greed shapes each man.3) Why is Tituba... more


world war 2 essay 4 paragrapgh 500 words but the citied page should not be count in 500 words

these are the requirment for the essayIn order to demonstrate that you understand how to apply a style guide to your writing, you will write an essay of no more than 500 words on ANY TOPIC.... more
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What is the Secret to a Well-Written Paper?

Is there a time-tested, proven way to earn an A on almost any type of writing assignment given? What if there was a guide to keep you on task as you navigate the treacherous terrain of the evil... more

Explain how John Proctor in The Crucible play is (or is not) a romantic hero. Why ?

Can you please provide some evidence from the crucible ^^
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I want to tell them that some dreams are about fears, and lucky for me, lucky for them fears can be overcome.

a. and-lucky for me-lucky for them,b. and-lucky for me-lucky for themc. and-lucky for me, lucky for them-d. and lucky for me lucky for them,
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Write a paragraph using 5 of the 12 vocabulary words. The words must be used in context. You must also include at least 1 comma, 1 semi-colon, and 1 colon.

Adversity Benevolent Censure Diligent Emulate Frugal Inevitable Longevity Pretentious Resilient Subtle Vindicate


Formal English - "Food for thought"

Is the phrase "food for thought" considered to be formal or informal?
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Write a paragraph using these words.

amiable pompous defuse astute novice replete recidivist innocuous vacillate.

Help please! Thank you very much.

Should the Commonwealth of Massachusetts reinstate the death penalty or should the maximum punishment be life in prison?2 or 3 paragraph
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Can you help summarize what King Arthur is trying to say to Sir Gawain in each text.

Then the King commanded him to rise and come forward and he stood quickly, walked with stately steps to kneel before the king and claim his weapon. Arthur handed it over and held his hand to give... more
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Translate the whole text

DISCLAIMER: Not word for word but just what the translation means with literary terms (ex: this foreshadows this because....) Then the king commanded him to rise and come forward,And he stood... more
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Help me analyze this poem in a paragraph!?

A Small Needful FactRoss GayIs that Eric Garner workedfor some time for the Parks and Rec.Horticultural Department, which means,perhaps, that with his very large hands,perhaps, in all likelihood,he... more
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Help me analyze this poem in a paragraph!!?

For What Binds UsJane HirshfieldThere are names for what binds us:strong forces, weak forces.Look around, you can see them:the skin that forms in a half-empty cup,nails rusting into the places they... more
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I need keywords for the topic ''loneliness''

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I need help understanding this phrase

Here is a conversation:Albert: “Why have you been giving me the cold shoulder all week?” Edison: “You noticed already? Wow, you’re a real Einstein tonight.” Albert: “Alright I’m done cozying up to... more
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I need help understanding this phrase

Here is a conversation Kayla: Can you believe the blanket we got over the lawn yesterday!Taylor: Yeah it was crazy I thought we were going to be flies in a spider’s web!Kayla: Me too! Plus it was... more

True or False Statements about MLA format

When given a choice of copyright dates on a Works Cited entry, always choose the first date. The mark of punctuation that most often ends the Works Cited entry is a period. ... more

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