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Customs and decisions on putting bloopers in end credits?

Who decides whether to put bloopers in end credits?I sort of feel like *any* comedy should pepper the end credits with bloopers, gags, or outtakes. I love them. Is there an industry view on the... more
Credits Film Terminology


What's the meaning of abbreviations in credits? (ASC, PGA, ...)?

In several credits, some names (usually among the first ones) have an abbreviation after their name like: - A.C.E. - A.S.C. - ...Where does it come from?Do they mean something specific about their... more


When is an actor's appearence considered a cameo?

What are the "guide lines" to define an actor appearence as a *cameo*?Are there some specs to define it? For example, max time on screen, max scene, max lines...


Why are electricians listed in the closing credits?

The closing credits in a full length movie can seemingly go on for ages, or at least 10 minutes or more after the actual film has ended. I realize that modern movies requires a lot of professional... more


How is a role considered leading vs supporting?

Are there any rules or other metrics that help determine if a role is considered a leading one or a supporting role? Or is it more like a gut feeling? Clearly, the choice is obvious in many movies... more

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