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What do I have to do to be on Broadway?





What are 2 symbols from Sophie Treadwell's play "Machinal?"


How do I get started as an actress?

I really want to start trying to become an actress once I graduate High School, and I'm only 4 years away from graduation. If anyone knows, I'd like you to tell me how you can get started in the... more


How do I start preparing for an audition?

What tips would you give for a person who has never performed onstage before, vs someone who already has a couple shows under their belt?


In a play, the dialogue is set in quotation marks?



The manager of a movie theater wants to know the number of adults and children who go tom.

The manager of a movie theater wants to know the number of adults and children who go to the movies. The theater charges $8 for each adult and $4 for each child. At a showing where 200 tickets were... more
Theater Acting


i really want to act

so i really REALLY want to act, but how do i get a job without experience and how do i get experience without a job?


why do we wear 3d glasses why can't the screen be covered with the glass

why do we wear 3d glasses why can't the screen be covered with the glass
Theater Theatre


Which is not true about the forces in a dramatic script?

A. They should be strongly opposed. B.They should avoid confrontation with each other. C.They should have both incentive and motivation. D.... more
Theater English


What's the difference between a five-act play and a three-act play?

Many stage plays - including all thirty-seven/thirty-nine of Shakespeare's - consist of five acts, while others consist of only three acts. (Are there any other common numbers of acts?)What's the... more

Tudor or Jacobean plays that are sequels to a Shakespeare play?

William Shakespeare wrote around 40 plays (depending on how the Shakespeare canon is defined). Except for some of his history plays (*Henry IV*, *Henry VI*) and possibly *The Merry Wives of... more


What is this the name of the sound effect that Danny hears?


what does Portia's death symbolize

We just finished reading Julius Caesar in my English class, and my teacher gave us this assignment. I've finished the rest of the work sheet, but i can;t figure this question out. please help!!!


What does it mean to hide your feelings especially feelings of love

In Literature, when a Person Hides his/her Emotion of Love to someone else Wat is said to be the mood of the story


Increase voice/actions so they will carry to the audience

Theater Art History


Toward the end of the 18th century, playwrights in Germany began experimenting with dramatic form?

it is true and false

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