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What is value?________________

In art and other disciplines.


Water added to ink is known as a wash true or false


Hey can you give me your opinion

What do you think about the Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Value, Space, or Form in this picturehttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/d1/ec/b9/d1ecb9ed55a5c4ca7448d754e1f6868a.jpg


What does have you encountered continual challenges faced with perspective and effective composition mean?

What does this mean Have you encountered continual challenges faced with perspective and effective composition?


What is contextualism in art?


Does Danto's 'The Disenfranchisement of Art' (1984) imply that if anything can be an art then nothing is?

An ex friend claimed that if anything can be an art then nothing is, and cited the following passage as a proof:> When art internalizes its own history, when it becomes self-conscious> of its... more


Is there any "uniformity" in the arts?

By uniformity, I mean things like postulates, or presumptions. Can we talk about such a thing in the arts? For example, in poetry or literature (as of literary arts) or in visual arts?Thank you!


What does a person with an art theory degree do?


Why do art critics ignore M.C. Escher's work?


What are some good books that introduce aesthetics?

I'm an aspiring composer and painter, and I think it's really interesting how artists and philosophers have worked towards understanding art. My first question is whether or not aesthetics is... more


Should photographs be used as sources for paintings?


What so far is the dominant trend in 21st century art?


Philosphy of art vs psychology of art?

What are the differences between these? I am currently doing a paper on philosophy of the arts and all theories I am reading seem to me to be more psychological than philosophical, they even use... more


Did Conceptual Art fail?


Philosophical Positions on the Purpose and Qualities of Art?

What are some philosophical stances on art and its purpose? I know this is a broad question, but any sources or thoughts would be great.I am particularly interested in music.


Does all art have a sentiment?

It occurred to me that when e.g. reading poetry, I attach a lot of significance to a kind of sentiment. It seems independent of how genteel the work is.I am interested in finding a way of thinking... more


Why was Manet's Olympia such a monumental painting?

I understand it's beautiful, but I don't understand why my professor thinks its monumental.  This is my first art history class

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