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Extract person from video?

Is there a way to extract a person from a video without having a blue- (or green-)screen?Any software which can do this?


How to create and film ghost special effects?

I need to film a piece that is supernatural in nature and has several characters that are ghosts. I've thought of numerous ways of accomplishing this but would like some suggestions on which would... more


How to add motion blur in timelapse videos?

I remember watching a video about timelapse photography. There was a moment when the narrator explained that there is a specific trick to make the videos "smoother":- In the timelapse videos which... more
Effects Film Terminology


Term for faking something in a movie related to set or lighting?

So, I was under the incorrect assumption that the term "gaffe" referred to creating something that just looks close enough to pass on screen. I'm certain I heard this term used for barnum and... more


How are water scenes (with flooding) achieved without injuring actors?

Sometimes you see scenes in movies where characters are in a boat below deck, or in some other circumstance where water comes rushing in and knocks them over and they go sliding off camera.How do... more

Export vector design from Illustrator to photoshop and back?

How do I take a gradient vector design into photoshop, add noise to it, and then return it back into Illustrator without the white background?

How did they shoot the Las Vegas scene in "Now You See Me"?

How did they shoot the Las Vegas MGM Grand scene in "Now You See Me" (2013)? At the beginning of the Las Vegas scene there is a very large auditorium with a rotunda stage and the camera's viewpoint... more


How are the face cuts done when Dexter takes his blood samples of his victims?

Whenever Dexter has his victim on the slab ready to be killed, he cuts them with a surgical knife and takes a blood sample. Obviously the knife is fake and the blood is fake but quite often you... more


How did they film the gun spinning scene?

In "End Times" (Season 4 Episode 12) of Breaking Bad, there is a scene of Walt sitting near the pool. He places his gun on a table and spins it. The gun ends up pointing at him. He spins it again,... more


Is there a rating of the 3D-ness of a 3D movie?

If things aren't thrown in my face during a 3D movie, I feel somewhat disappointed. I also appreciate the use of 3D to enhance a wide-angle shot, a humorous close-up, give a subtle sense of depth,... more


How did they film the flat spin in Top Gun?

Did they really throw an F-14 into a flat spin and then have to recover it? Or is that a model shot? It seems (to a complete layperson) like an unthinkably-dangerous thing to do, but the shot looks... more

Alice growing effect in 1972 "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" - how was it done? It's not green screen?

How was this scaling effect done? My first assumption would have been green screen, but it's clearly not - she's taking on all the light and shadow from the scene around her. Even modern green... more

How are tsunamis crashing through cities and wiping out actors filmed?

In the movie The Day After Tomorrow (2004), there is a city (much like a modern day city) and during a natural disaster; there is a Tsunami that crashed through the city, destroyed buildings,... more


Would special effects for early movie patrons seem real?

When I watched The Walking Dead on my 1080i HDTV, the special effects looked seamless. In other words, I knew what I was watching was fake, but it was hard to tell. When I upgraded to a 1080p HDTV,... more


How was the electromagnet scene filmed?

In the first episode of season 5 of Breaking Bad, a large electromagnet is rigged up in a truck, and placed next to a building. The camera shows the contents of the building flying across the room... more


Horse jumping off the cliff scene from 'The Revenant'?

In the movie The Revenant, when Di Caprio jumps off the cliff while on his horse, the scene looks very realistic. While in the "fight with the bear" scene I could definitely tell that it was done... more


Why do professional green screens look so much better?

Why does the average green screen, such as one on the local news station, or some video on YouTube, leave an outline and is obviously fake, but in some movies these effects look totally real. I was... more

Walking around someone who is moving in Slow Motion?

In the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" series musical episode, "Once More With Feeling", during the Giles and Buffy fight montage (Song: 'Standing in the Way') there is a scene where Buffy is hitting a... more


How do they film someone being stabbed with a weapon that goes all the way through?

How can you film someone being directly stabbed through any part of the body (especially the head, as seen in Game of Thrones) when the camera has not shifted angle at all?

Post production removal of uneven green screen with glass object shattering in foreground?

We have a glass object falling and shattering into many shards. Unfortunately the green screen was uneven causing different shadings on the background.Our edior says to use the shot, he would have... more

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