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Control of Foreign Operations Question - Cultural & Awareness (Please Help)

I'm confused about the idea/concept of, control of foreign operations, can one explain please? When would a company would have to learn more about a country's culture, of say for example, a company... more
Economics Math English History


Doing Business in China Question

Why is having local representation key when doing business in China? Please explain.
Economics Math English History


Cultural Intelligence, International Business Question

1.Please explain the concept of cultural intelligence and why it’s important when doing international business.
Economics Math English Business


Foreign-owned businesses and exports (disadvantage of international trade) Please Help

1.Why do foreign-owned businesses do not enjoy the benefits associated with exporting?

How Communism Destroyed Feudalism

How did Communism Destroyed Feudalism In Poland 1945


What If Poland Had Remained Capitalist in 1945?

What would have occurred If Poland Had Remained Capitalist in 1945?
Economics Math English Business


Domestic Business Question Two (Please Help! Thank you)

Why do domestic business's have less capital investment?
Economics Finance


Triangluar Arbitrage

St.USD/AUD = .8 USD/AUDSt,USD/GBP = 1.40 USD/GBPSt,AUD/GBP = 1.80 AUD/GBPIs triangular arbitrage possible? If so, explain the steps that would reflect triangular arbitrage, andcompute the profit... more

AP Macro Question Pls Help!

In a paragraph, explain what the balance of payments is and how current account surpluses and deficits work and how they impact the balance of payments. Give an example illustrating a scenario... more
Economics Math English Business


Domestic Business Question (Please Help!!)

Why is the quality of services and standards of products provided by a domestic business usually lower?
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Keynesian Theory

Which is more efficient to use government expenditures or taxes to bring the economy from a recessionary gap to non-inflationary full employment level? Why?
Economics Calculus


Calculus Question

Work problem number 17 from section 4.4 of your book (page 194) using the revenue function R(q)=450q and the cost function C(q)=9900+2q2. Round your answers to the nearest whole number. a) At what... more
Economics Calculus


Calculus Question

The cost function for a product is C(q)=q3−75q2+1875q+1120 for 0≤q≤50 and a price per unit of $579. Round your answers to the nearest whole number. a) What production level maximizes profit? q = b)... more
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Keynesian Fiscal Policies

Would you recommend a Balance Budget Multiplier method to bring the economy from a recession to non-inflationary full employment level? Why?
Economics Math


Discussion Question (MAT 120)

If I have just graduated college and landed my first job making $50,000 a year. I plan to marry and have two children and own a home. I also want to retire having at least $1 million dollars put... more
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What happens in a circular flow diagram?

. In the circular flow diagram:A.) profit flows from the product market to the firms.B.) revenue flows from the resource market to the households.C.) consumer spending flows from the product market... more


Because of sluggish sales in new homes around the nation, 22% of the construction workers in that industry are unemployed.

This raised the national unemployment rate to 7%. a. Problem? b. Fix? c. Fiscal Policies?

Ap Macro Question Pls Help!

Identify the type of unemployment that would be present if each of the following individuals was actively looking for work. Explain. Caroline lost her job when the mortgage company she worked for... more
Economics Business


The maximum profit that the firm can attain is $?

The table below shows the quantity (Q) and price (P) combinations on the firm’s demand... more
Economics Business


The table below shows combinations of workers and machines that can be used to produce 10 lawnmowers per day.

Technology Workers Machines A 4 8 B 5 3 C 9 2 D 3 6 E 6 4  For the following determine which technology’s are dominated by other technology’s and which one is not Technology A is?... more


Calculate Liev’s economic profit (be sure to put a negative sign if a loss).

Liev runs a movie memorabilia website. Last year, he earned $35,000 in revenue and had explicit costs of $8,000. Liev could have made $35,000 driving a boat in a water ski show and received an... more


How do you calculate opportunity cost of attending college when given tuition, books and working time?

If college tuition is $2,000 this semester, books cost $400 and you can only work 10 hours rather than 40 during a 15 week semester, what is your opportunity cost of attending college?

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