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Macroeconomics open economy

Suppose the exchange rate between the British pound and the U.S. dollar is £1 = $1.50. a.) Draw a graph showing the demand and supply of pounds for dollars. (y-axis: price of pounds, dollars per... more


calculate market equilibrium and quanitiy

Suppose the demand for a unit of CO2is P = 120 – 0.1QDand the supply is         P = 15 + 0.04QS, where P is the price per unit, QDis the quantity demanded in units per day, and QSis the quantity... more


Current stage in the long-term debt cycle?

I had the opportunity to read Ray Dalio's article on LinkedIn about money, credit, debt and economic activity. He spoke of the different stages of the long-term debt cycle. I found the article very... more


The table below gives the bushels of corn per acre resulting from the use of various amounts of fertilizer in pounds per acre:

n (1st column) BUSHELS OF CORN PRODUCED (Y) (2nd column) AMOUNT FERTILIZER USED (X) (3rd column) 1 (n) 4 (y) 6 (x) 2 44 10 3 46 12 4 48 ... more


How does a larger down payment affect other housing costs?

a.It decreases the mortgage payment. b. It decreases the mortgage rate. c. It decreases the price of the house. d. a. and b.


Need help, In deciding between buying or renting, buying has the advantage of?

a. creating a store of value. b. limited financial obligation. c. more liquidity. d. more mobility. I said it was d.


Please Help with this Personal finance question?

A _____ _____ organization contracts with health care providers to provide care at reduced rates upon referral from the primary care physician.


Which of the following is not a credit account?

a. credit cardb.charge cardsc.debit cardsd.revolving credit


Need help with my homework

Your ______ is a lender's assessment of your financial ability to repay a loan or meet your debt obligations.


Ok what is the answer to this finance question blank?

______ feature open, usually timed, competitive bidding for a product.


Your primary directive as a consumer is to?

a. live within your means. b. avoid buyer's remorse. c. shop for bargains. d. a. and b.


Economics (Probability

If a salesperson has gross sales of over​ $600,000 in a​ year, then he or she is eligible to play the​ company's bonus​ game: A black box contains 3 ​one-dollar bills, 1​ five-dollar bill and 1​... more


Find the first and second derivatives of M with respect to X

 M = 9X4 - 12 X 9 + 25 X Y Z + 50


What does the law of demand state?

A. When price increases, the quantity demanded by consumers will remain unchanged.B. When price increases, the quantity demanded by consumers will decrease.C. When price decreases, the quantity... more


Which of the following is likely to increase aggregate demand and help an economy expand in periods of recession?

49. Which of the following is likely to increase aggregate demand and help an economyexpand in periods of recession?A. Open market sales of government securities by the Fed.B. An increase in the... more


Other things being equal, and assuming an upward sloping labor supply curve, an increase in the demand for labor in manufacturing will

13. Other things being equal, and assuming an upward sloping labor supply curve, anincrease in the demand for labor in manufacturing willA. have no effect on either the equilibrium wage or the... more


economics question

A consumer will be on a ___ indifference curve with a conditional grant than with an unconditional grant. A. higher B. lower C. the same D. none of the aboveThe production function for a firm is... more


economic question

With a typical production function, diminishing returns occurs ____________ the diminishing average product is reached. A. after B. before C. at the same point D. none of the above


Why is taxation necessary?

Control the money supply and manage economic growth prevent a regressive method of production protect domestic producers from foreign competition enable government planning of the economy


Can someone help me write a short story with these words?

APRBalance TransferCreditCredit CardCredit limitCredit ReportCredit scoreDebtFair Credit Reporting ActInstallment LoanInterestMortgageRevolving CreditSchumer BoxVariable-rate APR


what is the most of each good that Canadians can consume when the economy is open?

Two Canadians workers, Sam and Joe, can each produce tv or coffee. Sam can produce either 50 kg of coffee or 1 tv per month. and Joe can produce either 120 kg of coffee or 1 tv per month. f)... more


Please Help Solve elasticity Problem

a) Suppose the price of flour increases from $0.80 to $1.00 a pound and the quantity demandeddecreases from 100 pounds to 95 pounds. What is the price elasticity of demand for flour? Is thedemand... more


In economics what is labor elasticity?

Elasticity is a fundamental economic concept to understand intuitively. If I were to say that a single working mother is an example of labor inelasticity, would that be correct? In business and... more
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