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Writing to multiple memory cards on a canon 5d mark iii whilst filming?

Hi i have a canon 5d mark ii and it has 2 slots for memory cards one cf and one sd.I'm planning on doing some filming outdoors so was wondering if the CF card is full will it automatically start... more


Tips to start making a little production?

So I have to make a little commercial for a class at my college and it is a video of about 1 min. I already have the idea of how all is going to be but I'm worried that at the moment of the edition... more


What are a Gimbal and Tripod used for?

I'm a beginner in film making, and trying to take footage with my smartphones. To make it more professional, I'm thinking of using a Tripod or Gimbal stabilizer to create non shaky video. I think... more


Good learning resources for 'non-technical' aspects of filmmaking?

I am a relative newcomer to video production but have a background in still photography. This means that I have a good understanding of things like ISO/aperture/shutter speeds/resolution/etc. (and... more


Why do actors often play their last scene on a movie on their first day of filming?

I am not even sure this is the case, but it did happen to Lena Headey in 300 and in [this interview (9:30)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dzHRHaDgwc) Ethan Hawke and Keira Knightley agree that... more


How often does China influence Hollywood market by allowing or rejecting a film?

Can china convince Hollywood to change blockbuster movie scripts by allowing or not allowing movies into the Chinese market?If they can, how regularly/consciously do they use this power?


How is the dialogue for wide shots recorded?

In scenes where the boom mic would have to be placed much too far from the actor in order to film the scene, how is the dialogue recorded? Is there some hidden microphone on the actor's clothing or... more


Where does the automated/automatic come from in ADR?

I know there are recent advancements in software that allow for automatic/automated dialogue replacement but in films that predate this technology they still use the same terminology and as far as... more


Why we don't use "TV" before "miniseries"?

Why we typically say "TV series", but we don't say "[TV miniseries](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miniseries)" (i.e., instead of this, we simply say "miniseries")?Does it mean, that there are... more


Does 60 fps make sense for YouTube?

YouTube says one should upload videos in the frame rate in which the video has been recorded. But if I have yet to record, what frame rate should I choose?I noted that videos downloaded from... more


Want to learn composing and producing music with a DAW. Where do I start?

I am a computer engineer and a passionate music listener. I have been listening to movie scores and soundtracks for many years now and it has really inspired me to want to learn more about music... more


Best file format workflow for Final Cut Pro 7 on Maveriks?

i am having problems exporting my project in Final Cut Pro 7.All the clips i am working on are mov in h.264.I want to export correctly a master file, that will be converted in web format, hd...... more


Differences between reboot, remake, reimagining - is my understanding correct?

I know that reboot is a term often used by the media to mean a comeback of a franchise from scratch, but is my understanding correct of the terms:- **Reboot**: To start again from scratch, all... more


How to film a moving bike on a budget?

I have been tasked with filming a new road bike for casual cyclists. We have a rather low budget. Does anyone have any tips on how to deliver quality footage without spending too much money? I'm am... more


Want to learn composing and producing music with a DAW. Where do I start?

I am a computer engineer and a passionate music listener. I have been listening to movie scores and soundtracks for many years now and it has really inspired me to want to learn more about music... more

How was the opening scene with the fly made?

This may sound like a bit of an odd question, but I was wondering how the opening scene in Once Upon A Time in The West was made and more specifically, how they made the fly do what it did. It must... more

supply video files to editor in another country?

My editor is moving from Los Angeles (where I live) to Canada. Is there a common, reliable, cheap way for me to supply large video files (up to 10 GB) to him? I don't have much of a budget, and I... more
Production Video Production


How to learn to produce documentaries?

I have several ideas for documentaries. None of them involve any fancy production or cinematographic techniques. Most of it would be interviewing people and simple camera works along with... more
Production Video Production


How to shoot a party scene with few people?

I have about 7 people and need to give the feel of 20. I'm using a long lens, any tips or solutions?


Use of big name apps in a commercial video projects?

Does anyone know the legal side of including obvious brands such as Facebook/Instagram in commercial video projects? Or replicating a Facebook messenger motion graphic? For example, visuals of... more


Are modern black & white movies shot in colour?

A few movies are still released in black & white, largely for artistic reasons. Are such movies shot in colour, and then converted to black & white for release? Or are they usually filmed... more
Production Film Film Techniques


Do they really drink or eat when shooting movies?

Many times in movies and TV shows characters are showed as eating or drinking activities (water, beverages, alcohol). If a shoot takes many retakes, then the actors will not want to eat after going... more
Production Film Film Techniques


Do other actors/actresses really spit on each other in movies?

I've been seeing more and more of these scenes lately (though I know they aren't new), as they add shock value to a particular scene/story line. Just curious if it's split-scened or just a part of... more


Which member of the crew is responsible to fill in the continuity sheet?

On a micro-budget production, considering the lack of a large crew with highly specialized jobs/titles, which of a maximum of three potential crew members would be responsible for doing the... more


Why do pro cameras still need to pull focus?

Big productions using pro cinema cameras (RED Weapon etc...) still use manual focus and still have someone who's sole job is just to pull focus for a camera.With today's technology, I would always... more

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