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What exactly is 70mm print and why does anyone care?

There has been a bit of controversy lately over the release of Tarantino's *Hateful Eight* movie. As I understand it, the movie was scheduled to play in a particular theater in Los Angeles that... more


How are digital movies sent to a movie theater?

For many years, movies were stored on rolls of film that were physically mailed to theaters. Now, most theaters project their movies digitally. But how are these digital movies sent to the theater?... more


what if a theoretical expected value is 0


Number arranging

The number of ways of arranging the 26 letters of the English alphabet = 26!. If a computer prints these arrangements at the rate of 1000 per second, how long will this take?


What is 4x(8x+2y+3) in the distributive property

I need help with wander and need an explanation 


Calculate price based on score using distribution

Hopefully I can make sense of this. I'm writing a program that requires pricing of items. For an example let's say houses. Items are evaluated and given a score. Given that these scores are... more


What is -3-7(-3-6v)



The probability that the number of successes is exactly 0

assume that a procedure yields a binomial distribmutinous with 3 trials and a probability of success of 0.10. Use a binomial table to find the probability that the number of successes is exactly... more


What is it that differentiates a binomial probability distribution from any other probability distribution?

What is it that differentiates a binomial probability distribution from any other probability distribution?   Honestly didn't know It was a difference my teacher explained that I only got half... more



The weights of all one hundred (100) 9th graders at a school are measured, and it is found that the mean of all the measurements is 100 lbs., with a standard deviation of 15 lbs. Explain how you... more


Gregs hot dogs

The daily sales by Greg's Hot Dogs have a mean of $572.50 and a standard deviation of 26.10.A. What percent of the time will have daily sales greater than 564B. What percent of the time will the... more


Distribution question

What is the difference between a z-distribution and the distribution of sample means?


Effective Resume Title

Effective Resume Title For Warehouse distribution and  jobs picking orders and stuff wit scan guns 


Discrete probability distributions

If you select a red diamond picture card (i,e.) a card that doesn't have a number on it) you win $100. It costs $10 to play this game. What is your expected earnings? if you played this game 10,000... more


For the following variables, would the distribution of scores approximate a normal curve?

For the following variables, would the distribution of scores approximate a normal curve? Please explain why and if its not going to have a normal curve, what distribution shape is it really likely... more


Central Limit Theorum

Assume the population mean is µ=12 and standard deviation 2. By Central Limit Theorem the random sample of 121 measurements from this population would have what kind of distribution?


Find mean and St .dev., when 35% patients suffer from side effects and 15 are given the drug.

Clinical trials have found 35% of patients are likely to suffer side effects from a drug which treats migraine. In a clinic, it is prescribed to 15 patients a month.  -> find the mean and St .... more


1st prize-10$, probability of winning this 0.2, 2nd prize-5$, probability of winning 2nd 0.3. Probability distribution of X? Mean amount per week?

I solved this question, however, I'm not sure about the result, so I'd like to see how you solved it. Thank you in advance!   Linda takes part in a spelling competition in which first prize is... more


Exponential distribution

The lifetime of a new television has an exponential distribution with an average lifetime of 7.5 years. As a sales incentive the company offers guaranteed free replacement for any tv that fails... more


HELPPPPPPPPP PLEASE!!!!!!! Seriously need help on this!!!

A company’s manufacturing process uses 500 gallons of water at a time, a scrubbing machine then removes most of the chemical pollutant before pumping the water into a lake. Legally the treated... more


Student t Distribution Problem

Question/Problem: Data Set 1 in Appendix B lists the white blood cell counts (1000 cells/µL) of 40 randomly selected women. The mean of those 40 values is 7.15 and the standard deviation is 2.28.... more


suppose that Z has the standard normal distribution. Find P(Z>1)

 Find P(Z>1)

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