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Do actors performing stunts have to take substance test?

We all know that some actors are known to abuse alcohol or drugs in their free time. Considering some of them choose to perform certain stunts without a sub, I would imagine they could impose a... more


How are water scenes (with flooding) achieved without injuring actors?

Sometimes you see scenes in movies where characters are in a boat below deck, or in some other circumstance where water comes rushing in and knocks them over and they go sliding off camera.How do... more


How was this glass shattering scene shot without getting any injury to the head?

This is one of the scenes from Scrubs. https://youtu.be/6vLp0XwqQIEJD (or whoever he was) bumps his head into the glass and breaks it. The scene looks pretty realistic. How was it done without... more


How were the scenes with Gazelle shot?

In Kingsman: The Secret Service Gazelle is disabled. I was surprised to discover that the actress playing the role (Sofia Boutella) is not. How were the scenes with her shot? Did she actually wear... more

How did Tom Cruise do that plane stunt in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation?

I wonder how the plane stunt from Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation is even possible, because planes travel at the speed of more than 750 miles per hour. He is just hanging with his hand in the... more

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