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What is the musical instrument being used in this song? (Not referring to the drums/percussion, or bass instruments) And if the sound was made electronically, what do I do to make it?

I am trying to find this instrument being used so I can create an isolated remake of it without the other instruments since I couldn't find any good acapellas. I feel like it might be a stringed or... more

Did you know the song, "My Way," made famous by Frank Sinatra, was actually originally composed and sung in French?

Yes! The original song was recorded as "Comms D'habitude" (As Usual) and was made famous by several male and female chanteurs over the years. Those include Mirelle Mathieu and Claude François.... more

How do you write good melody lines?

I make pop songs. I want to know more about what's the best way to write good melody lines during the verses, pre-choruses and choruses? What is a good rhyming scheme?


How do I start playing drums?

I want to begin learing how to play drums. I like rock and blues and jazz but I'm not sure how to start out. Do I need drumsticks? How do I hold them? what could be so hard about this? I probably... more

Re: Resources for teaching music theory?

Hi! I am just beginning to teach music theory on Wyzant, and was wondering where I could acquire content for my lessons?


How can I become a better sightreader?

I'm preparing for an audition that includes sight-reading and I want to get better at sight-reading in general. Do you have any advice?
Music Violin


How often should I change my violin strings?


What creates a minor pentatonic scale?

Music Questions

I need clearly to a question. I thought the answer was 1-D-Flat major. According to my study notes from school, whatever music piece the concert pitch is in, you would lower the key for... more
Music Guitar Parents


how do i convince my parents to let me learn electric guitar?

How do I convince my parents (specifically my dad) to let me learn guitar?I currently play the violin and it will be 7 years of playing once I get to my 14th bday. However, as much as I enjoy... more

How do I create depth in a mix?

Music Piano Song Melody


What is the name of this song/melody/piece

Video link:https://youtu.be/j4XM2vn4KVE
Music Piano Song Melody


What is the name of this song/melody/piece

Video link:https://youtu.be/j4XM2vn4KVE
Music Music Theory


Scale degree names

1. If D is the Tonic, what is the Dominant?2. If F# is the Leading Tone, what is the Sub-dominant?3. If C is the Super-tonic, what is the Mediant?4. If A is the Mediant, what is the Dominant? 5. If... more


Help with this Sound effect

what is this sound effect. if you go to youtube and search Nero1x, and go to his 2nd newest video called loading, then go to 0:15 you'll hear a sound effect. Please let me know what this sound... more
Music Piano Flute


Do I need to know how to read a music before taking a lesson?

No! Beginners are very welcome to take a lesson and start your music journey here.
Music Music Theory


The dominant 7th chord consists of?

Music Piano


What type of piano should I buy?

I want piano lessons but I'm not sure what type of piano I should buy. Is an acoustic piano better than a keyboard?

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