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Mrs. Kathy math class 9th grade math

Mercedes Mercedes can download new songs for $1.39 each write an equation to show how many songs she can download for $15


How to create and film ghost special effects?

I need to film a piece that is supernatural in nature and has several characters that are ghosts. I've thought of numerous ways of accomplishing this but would like some suggestions on which would... more


Could Thomas Jefferson have ever heard Mozart's Symphony No. 40, KV. 550?

I've been reading some of Jefferson's writing on music theory, and given his perspective and his love for Mozart's music, I think the [Symphony No. 40, KV. 550] would be so astounding to... more


Did ancient/medieval armies have music/chants to march to?

During battles or marching into battles did armies (like the Spartan or Eastern European armies) have music/chants to march to?


What do I need to know to be able to be able to play along with a song just by listening to it?

What is essential knowledge and skill one has to have to be able to play along with the radio?


Standard tuning Capo 8 Alternative?

Hello! Chords used, Eminor, Raised C(open C shape moved up two frets), C,Basically id just like more room on the fretboard. If i tuned to D standard (DGCFAD) would i still be able to play the same... more


What's the best (simplest) free software to beat-match and mix two tracks?

I want to mix a few tracks (in .mp3 format for example) together to create a seamless bit of dance music for a performance. I'd like to pick a particular section in two songs and the software... more


Does a phonograph horn have a mathematical name/formula

I was wanting to create a generator for making Victrola style gramophone horns in tinkercad/3d modeling software. I was wondering what the technical name for the "flower" horn style is? And does it... more


Music apreciation

How do I interpet the Night on Bald Mountain by Modest Mussorgsky. meaning the musical elementsof the song.


Music software for writing scores?

I would like a software that I will be able to write music sheets/scores. Nothing really fancy, just to be able to write all kinds of notations. I would prefer a free one for Windows.


Why do people like to listen to sad songs?

Why do people like to listen to sad songs? Sadness is not a positive feeling, so people should avoid it, right? Listening to sad songs is like inflicting some pain to yourself just for... more


How can prose be musical?

Prof. Brooks Landon, U. Iowa, [Ph.D. U. Texas at Austin](https://english.uiowa.edu/people/brooks-landon). *Building Great Sentences: How to Write the Kinds of Sentences You Love to Read* (Great... more


Philosophical Positions on the Purpose and Qualities of Art?

What are some philosophical stances on art and its purpose? I know this is a broad question, but any sources or thoughts would be great.I am particularly interested in music.


Looper Pedals For Twitch Entertainment

I want to use looper pedals on stream for entertainment. If any of you are familiar with looper pedals, it's a device that will allow me to loop my voice onto to multiple tracks and my make some... more


How do cassette tapes work?

I’ve been thinking back to the way people used to store their music – on cassette tapes for example. How exactly did those things work? You could spool them out and make a mess and once they were... more


The most important melodic instrument in Arabic music is in the ____________classification.

Choose one:   membranophone idiophone chordophone aerophone
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