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How do I perform Shakespeare?

How do I "do" Shakespeare?

How do I get started as an actress?

I really want to start trying to become an actress once I graduate High School, and I'm only 4 years away from graduation. If anyone knows, I'd like you to tell me how you can get started in the... more


How do I start preparing for an audition?

What tips would you give for a person who has never performed onstage before, vs someone who already has a couple shows under their belt?
Acting Theater


i really want to act

so i really REALLY want to act, but how do i get a job without experience and how do i get experience without a job?


Why do actors often play their last scene on a movie on their first day of filming?

I am not even sure this is the case, but it did happen to Lena Headey in 300 and in [this interview (9:30)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dzHRHaDgwc) Ethan Hawke and Keira Knightley agree that... more


When is an actor's appearence considered a cameo?

What are the "guide lines" to define an actor appearence as a *cameo*?Are there some specs to define it? For example, max time on screen, max scene, max lines...


How do actors stop breathing when playing "dead"?

I saw many movies when the actor/actress (in the movie) dies.In some movies you can tell that the picture is paused when it is on the dead character. But in other movies the actor is laying still... more


I have to perform a monologue that I hate, and I can't find a way to perform it without getting mad

I auditioned for a role to read a monologue, and I got in, but I couldn't choose what I'm performing. (All of the monologues were written by students in my school) I ended up getting a monologue... more


Can alcohol be used during filming to strengthen an actor's performance?

Many times I have noticed overly realistic drunk/anger/agony performances, which made me wonder if alcohol was actually used to relax the actor a bit and let them "spit it out" in a more natural way?

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