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How much of a film's revenue comes from its cinema release?

Very often when a film's success is being judged, its opening few weeks takings are considered. However many films and franchises also generate revenue from DVD/BluRay sales and merchandise.What... more
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How are the best director award winners chosen?

I do not understand how the best director awards are determined each year. It seems impossible to assess the method of a movie director unless you are part of the crew.So, how do the... more


What exactly is 70mm print and why does anyone care?

There has been a bit of controversy lately over the release of Tarantino's *Hateful Eight* movie. As I understand it, the movie was scheduled to play in a particular theater in Los Angeles that... more
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Do actors performing stunts have to take substance test?

We all know that some actors are known to abuse alcohol or drugs in their free time. Considering some of them choose to perform certain stunts without a sub, I would imagine they could impose a... more
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How do streaming services earn money?

Netflix and Prime are (I think) the two leading competitors in streaming services. Both services are releasing original movies and shows which are exclusively available in their platform. But... more
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Customs and decisions on putting bloopers in end credits?

Who decides whether to put bloopers in end credits?I sort of feel like *any* comedy should pepper the end credits with bloopers, gags, or outtakes. I love them. Is there an industry view on the... more
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Are there any global standards to identify a movie?

I know there exist approaches like **EIDR** (Entertainment Identifier Registry) and **ISAN** (International Standard Audiovisual Number). But I do not know how many movies are contained within... more
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What factors go into determining what trailers are played before movies?

As we all know, the most exciting part of seeing a movie is the trailers of upcoming movies before the actual film (note, this is coming from an American point of view, I am uncertain if this... more
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Why do actors often play their last scene on a movie on their first day of filming?

I am not even sure this is the case, but it did happen to Lena Headey in 300 and in [this interview (9:30)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dzHRHaDgwc) Ethan Hawke and Keira Knightley agree that... more
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How often does China influence Hollywood market by allowing or rejecting a film?

Can china convince Hollywood to change blockbuster movie scripts by allowing or not allowing movies into the Chinese market?If they can, how regularly/consciously do they use this power?
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Do stars of original series get royalties for reboots or remakes?

While this may be a bit subjective, the recent remake of ***Roots***, produced by the original star, Levar Burton, got me to think.Is it common, or even heard of, for an actor or star to get... more


Why do people tap the back of cameras during filming?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYWAHuFbLoc&t=58m49sAt 58 min 49s, the video above shows on-set footage of a film crew. (Link is setup to start playing from there.)For a few seconds, it shows... more
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How are digital movies sent to a movie theater?

For many years, movies were stored on rolls of film that were physically mailed to theaters. Now, most theaters project their movies digitally. But how are these digital movies sent to the theater?... more
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Determine original language of the movie?

Sometimes I want to watch some movie in its original language i.e. without translation.For some movies, it's pretty easy. For example, - Antonioni's _[Blowup](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blowup)_... more
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How do movie makers and movie theaters make money based off of a movie?

I'm curious to know how revenue stream works for:1. The creator of the movie (movie production studios)2. The presenter of the movie (movie theaters)Is there a 50-50 split, or a lease agreement? ... more
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How were Opening Titles and End Credits created before Computers?

I've always wondered how Opening Titles and End Credits in the movies were created before Computers existed?
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What is the bit-depth of a movie played in the movie theater?

I was trying to search this up, as I had no idea if they played a RAW video, with no color compression, or something like 10-bit color-depth?
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When and why did the decline of Musicals in American Cinema happen?

It seems to me that musicals are much less common in the American Film Industry these days in comparison to the 30's, 40's, and 50's. Of course, I'm not saying that they never make musicals (e.g.... more
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What format do movie theaters now use?

I know that in earlier times, feature films were distributed on large format tape, and these were what were distributed to theaters for showing. A given feature film would have several reels. The... more


Is there any censorship board present for films and TV shows for Hollywood?

There is [Censor Board](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Board_of_Film_Certification) for films produced in India. It assigns certifications to films, television shows, television ads, and... more
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Why do cable and TV have watermarks on their programming?

When I first got Cable TV I noted that most programs had an intrusive logo on the top or bottom corners that distract from the movie watching. In time I canceled my subscription as I didn't see why... more
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Why do some trailers contain scenes that aren't in the movie?

I'm an avid watcher of trailers. I watch trailers over and over again. I even watch trailers of movies that I don't plan on watching.But sometimes, I notice that some trailers contain some... more
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What role do screenwriters play, after handing in the script?

Assuming they're a pure screenwriter, and not also a producer or director, do screenwriters get to do anything after handing in the script? Can they be present on the set? Do they have any say in... more
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Why are electricians listed in the closing credits?

The closing credits in a full length movie can seemingly go on for ages, or at least 10 minutes or more after the actual film has ended. I realize that modern movies requires a lot of professional... more
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When are dialect coaches brought in?

When are dialect coaches hired for actors, and who typically makes the decision?I've seen serious movies where stars attempt to emulate an accent with grating incompetence.And now I've seen the... more

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